aunt wendy might be sitting in something other than her purple chair

 aunt wendy might be done.
after her jackal of a husband left and her mother passed,
along with the constant health issues,
things just haven’t been looking good.
she is the epitome of down bad.
it seems that allegedly aunt wendy is confined to a wheelchair

not only a wheelchair but alleged dementia too…

i think her show is over.
she should retire and let her money allow her to live happily ever after.

Is it wrong to feel like it’s karma for her past bad behavior?

everyone wants to play “the villain” in someone’s story,
but they don’t realize how hard the fall from grace can be.

The jackals and hyenas we know who did us (and others) wrong

how many villains have we seen and read about getting their karma?
they always end up meeting their match.
it might be you or someone else after you.
the same jackal aunt wendy used as a sheild to torment people legit turned on her.
the celebs/people she did wrong are legit watching her downfall with popcorn.

Villains legit are sowing the seeds of today for their future downfalls of tomorrow.

it’s always some ironic fall from grace too.
there is a lot of ironies where aunt wendy’s life has ended up.
i do wish her well,
but i think it’s time to retire and go out on her terms.

lowkey: you don’t know how powerful someone’s spirit and prayers are.
there are people whose grandparent’s prayers still protect them.

the mere trying to sabotage them will end up destroying you.

6 thoughts on “aunt wendy might be sitting in something other than her purple chair

  1. Sad story. For someone who has made a living delving in other peoples business , KARMA is a bitch!
    I hope she finds peace and apply some of her own recommendations she gave to others so that she can liv3 hwr best life without any unnecessary drama! Obviously she is deeply affected by the divorce!

  2. That show won’t get pulled, its too much money invested in that. They will replace her but it has to be somebody who will do it on FOX terms not theirs. They now control the show. Early signs of dementia, you can’t recover from that. If Jerry O’Connell wasn’t on The Talk between him and Sherri Shepherd would be her replacement. The Jersey girls were boring as ever. I don’t like that side of Michelle Visage. She need to go back to ruthless Michelle Visage. That other dude, Michael Rappaport, send him to Bravo, let Andy deal with him. He not fit for Wendy audience and format. He messy, but he not fit for being on tv everyday. Somebody with experience need the purple chair now.

  3. People hate Wendy because she took no prisoners when it came to her opinions. What I do not understand is. How come some people do not feel that they are not doing the same thing that Wendy is doing. At the end of the day Wendy is best to ever do.

    1. So true, she set the bar for what she does. Since her radio days, she just traded her headphones and a mic for cameras and her wireless mic. She stepped on toes but so did Joan Rivers, Sally Jesse, even Ricki Lake. With Ellen and Wendy out that is going to be a big spot networks will be looking to fill.

  4. I would not dare put Wendy Williams in the category of any of those men! Granted she is a gossip which can be messy but to put her in with those that is extreme. Question, if she was so bad why does she have so many children out imitating they style of gossip/reporting that she kind of pioneered? All this stuff that is happening to Wendy Williams is a result of her not taking care of her health not from being a gossip. Granted she is the gossip now but still, give Wendy a break.

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