so would odell beckham jr be considered a DILF now?

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odell beckham jr,
is one of our foxhole favs.
we have followed him from blonde fo’hawk and back to black.
his sexuality has always been up to question,
but i think he let ya’ll know today he has always been straight.
he showed ya’ll how straight he is with the following annoucement his girlfriend,
lauren wood….


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congratulations to them!
they are an absolutely stunning couple.
that is gonna be one stylish child.
i have a question for the foxhole tho…

Do the straights get married before having kids these days?

hbo’s insecure recent episode about co-parenting with lawrence had many shook.

it took a tv show to show folks being a parent,
especially co-parenting,
can be a legit nightmare.
as gays,
we see how many of our straight friends/relatives deal with those nightmares.

Thank God my (trusted) partner can shoot up in the club without a child sliding out

having kids in this era isn’t something special as it once was.
everyone is having kids these days.
everyone who is wrong for each other is having kids these days.
there is always some big social media announcement that a baby is on the way,
the couple make us go to this lovely baby shower/gender reveal situation,
only for many to end in disaster and they end up co-parenting.

A lot of males (and some vixens) start acting up once a baby comes into the picture.

…especially when it’s some “oops! whoopsie baby” type of typical shit.
let’s hope odell and his baby’s mother take us on a different storyline.

praying that they welcome a happy and healthy baby

13 thoughts on “so would odell beckham jr be considered a DILF now?

  1. I met a fine man in Atlanta that just had a newborn baby! I know it couldn’t have been a month old. Just because you have kids doesn’t mean shit.

  2. Jason Derulo just had a baby and they broke up just to co-parent. People also fail to realize, you don’t need to have sex to have a baby either. A few strokes and let her put it in and bam a baby can happen. People got pregnant from a dude busting on her and some slid in and she got pregnant. Odell is and will always be bae, he ain’t zaddy but that’s my lil bust it baby. He a freak. He hang out with Drake and Trey Songz. He likes sex obviously but to settle down, only time will tell. Maybe he is ready. If he does fuck around who’s to say that baby is gon stop him.

  3. Jamari, no man will try to get with another man more than one who has a child on the way. It’s so WEIRD!

    It’s like they think their time to be gay is running out and they have to get it out of their system before the baby comes because “they can’t raise no f*g” (like them)

    I always found it so sad that their girlfriend is ready to pop and they’re asking for sex like I’m that desperate to want that degenerate energy. Just Yucks all around.

  4. Having children has nothing to do with being straight. I messed around with a well off real estate agent in Atlanta who told me about his past.

    He has three grown kids and was married to a woman while being in love with another man who later died of aids. Also this man is a big bottom and very gay!

    Changed more whole outlook on what people are willing to to put up with to keep up appearances.

    Labels mean nothing.

  5. Just because you have kids does NOT mean you are straight no more than me barking means I’m a dog lol

  6. I don’t care for Odell. I also have a more conservative, traditionalist mindset so I believe in marriage before baby. I feel like a man is plotting his escape if he doesn’t marry a woman. As much as it stings, you don’t have a uterus and just because a man has a kid the natural way doesn’t mean he’s not on the spectrum. Also, 9 times out of 10 the first baby mama isn’t the last, which is why I say put a ring on it. Drake, Chris (who is rumored to have another baby on the way), Future are all single fathers. Do people get married anymore? Why not try to create a two parent household for your children? It’s like he’s an 18-year food voucher with these celebrities, and sometimes the voucher expires early or doesn’t even work.

    Real talk, when a man has kids I get turn off. It cements his adulthood in ways I can’t accept. And dudes start looking old to me after 2 like Cristiano Ronaldo…Dude’s got like 5 kids. Ew! Having kids is grown people shit. Im still a carefree, overgrown ass kid. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Dude gotta cut his time short with you cause he got 3 and 4 kids.

    I do wonder if a lot of gay men want kids and if they get envious of their peers as time passes. I only want(ed) one 1 kid…but I have so many nieces and nephews and when i get around kids I realize I’m not maternal (paternal?) and they start to annoying me rather quickly. I also have a deep-seated fear of being responsible for someone’s life. Most of these dudes are just the surrogate dad. But it does get weird when your peer group is like look what I made? And you’re like well…look what I obtained…. Even the pets start to feel like offsprings.

  7. My heart cried when I saw this. He has always been my man in my head lol. The baby will definitely be stylish.

  8. Congratulations crys inside ….he’s my celeb boo in my mind, so I took this with a grain of salt, I even had to unfollow him 😫 …I’ll be following again by next week 😂

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