“Baby, Fuck Me Straight Raw and Stupid In This Train!”

/the following video is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

so this is for my straight readers.
there are a lot of them who lurk the foxhole.
*waves to my straights*
this is for them.
so you’re out the bae,
it’s late at night,
you’re on the way home,
and decide that you want to smash in an empty train car.
you know i’m always down for freaky shit.
this isn’t what i had in mind tho…

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iSPY: The Hispanic Bunz On The Train

nzgfh32h1fiibwhsy5qzqdhgddcp-cm4jqlrfobeimoibsos5x-efnjnim0ssla-r7s_rz68xyylkcixk5z6a30fe4v6qwvplwict4h_zud-ylxawndzo_rp7u1hf41itnhogqgsi was late the other morning.
so i decided to go a train car closer to my stop’s exit.
as soon as the door opened up to my train,
i was met with the nicest bunz on a handsome hispanic wolf.
he was taller than me and looked like he was had a gym bag.
you could see his arms in his tight hoody.
the sweat pants he was wearing was so tight,
you could see the outline of each cheek.
i had to show the foxhole.
i tried to get video of the bunz in action but it was a no go.
the train was so packed i got this
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I Want To See “Him” Again

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.05.29 PMi was on the train this morning,
late as fuck,
and “he” walked on.
somewhere in the middle of “one dance” by drake and “ain’t to proud to beg” by tlc.
by how he looked,
i definitely had no issues getting on my knees and begging for that pipe.
“he” actually got on the train further down from where i was standing.
he was…

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I Got Bodied by 25 Wolves and You’ll Listen To My Hoe Tale


nothing beats “hoe” tales from all sexes and orientations.
we live vicariously through hoes because:

a) they smash the animals we secretly desire
b) they are usually honest how it all went down
c) they are fearless and live by the motto “YOLO”

some straight wolves tend to exaggerate their stories tho.
unless they got videos and receipts
well what happens when you are a teenage vixen,
let 25 wolves run the train on you,
and did alla this in your school bathroom?
well it sounds like her life is about to get interesting.
this is what people had to say about it…
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They Like To Perform For Us

tumblr_mddysg2SdU1qjzsg7o1_500so summer is almost here and for us new yawkers,
you know what that means on the mta?
well yes,
homeless animals stinkin’ up the joint.
avoid empty train cars with 1 animal on it please!

seriously its the cubs performing in between stops.
sometimes it can be annoying,
but other times it can be real entertaining.
like so…
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