“So About Chris Brown…”, Says His Anonymous Friends To Billboard

so it finally happened.
the folks around chris brown seem to be fed up.
so much so,
most of them have collectively gone to billboard magazine.
billboard released a damn tell all article that started off like this…
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I Got Banged Out By Pre Baller Wolves (and All I Got Was This Book Deal)

tumblr_mv1xtrj1qM1qjpqono1_500i remember a scene in spike lee’s “he got game”.
jesus shuttlesworth went to look at a college trying to recruit him.
well he ended up having a 3some with two snow bunnies.
good flick.
check it out sometime.
so the life of a potential pre baller wolf is usually pretty exciting.
more often than not,
they are treated like a god in the recruitment process.
every college will lay down the red carpet just so they will sign on the dotted lines.
sometimes the colleges will do just about “anything”.
like hire an escort hoe and her cubs to fuck the pen in their hand?
ooohhhhhhh yeah.
well in a new book called,
“breaking cardinal rules: basketball and the escort queen”,
it takes us deep into the alleged recruiting process at the university of louisville.
i read this article on prnewswire and well…
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X Marks The F0x: And The Stupid Ho Award Goes Too…

The red flags were there.
They were strung up and waving proudly.
But she chose not to see them and became the dumb-ass of the century.


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