Spill My Guts All Over You

,you ever watch a movie saw exactly when things changed?
the protagonist became the hero or when the antagonist fucked up?
well i think about that sometimes when it comes to life.
my life.
others if i’m paying attention.
the part when things either began or came to an end.
that was me the other night.
the night of the oscars
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The Day Jamari Fox Exploded

tumblr_m3txg2Vviz1qbulcao1_500it all started by me being hungry yesterday.
around 3pm-ish or so.
i decided to go over to my local bodega for lunch.
i was fiending heavy for a steak and cheese.
everything on it.
my usual.
so i get it,
eat it in damn near 15 minutes,
and thought to myself what a good time to be alive.
well not really…
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