so tavis dunbar motive for running them over is “hi, i’m insane”?

^this is legit the face of evil.
his eyes are completely dead in that mugshot.
( x this situation ) taught me that hyenas don’t always need a reason.
tavis dunbar didn’t need a reason for his thirst for murder in chicago.
he allegedly had no reason to run over 4 males outside a gay bar.
it sounds like he did it to do it.
a foxholer sent me more info from the dailymail…

A crazed driver told his victims ‘I got something for you, motherf*****s,’ before mowing down three men and killing them outside of a Chicago gay bar. 

Tavis Dunbar 34, was charged with three counts of first-degree murder after turning himself in on Monday following the deaths of Jaylen Ausley, 23, Devonta Vivetter, 27, and Donald Huey, 25, outside of Jeffery Pub around 5am on August 14.

A fourth man, Carlee McKinney, 21, was seriously injured after Dunbar plowed the car he borrowed into the men at 5am.

At this time, it is not being viewed as a hate crime, as there is currently no evidence that suggests he did this ‘based on people’s sexual orientation, race, creed, or anything else,’ Chicago Chief Brendan Deenihan said at a press conference.

The defendant essentially slammed on the gas pedal and drove directly into four human beings, killing three of them,’ Cook County Assistant State Attorney Danny Hanichak said.

‘The accelerator is depressed at least 99 percent and the defendant never once touched the brakes prior to impact.’ 

After the crash, the assailant reportedly parked his car just blocks away and was seen pacing around the car while on the phone with a friend who lived nearby. He is said to have gone over to that friend’s home, who then drove him to a different friend’s house.  

He was kicked out of the bar and totaled his cousin’s cars after people started ‘coming at him,’ according to Hanichak.

But authorities have said that there is currently no evidence to suggest Dunbar had been threatened. 

he is just…

when he saw them fighting,
it must have triggered him.
certain things can bring the crazy out of some people.
one of the only survivors,
carlee j. mckinney,
spoke out after he was released from the hospital:

how sad that he how he had to find out what happened.
this is truly a senseless tragedy.
they might need to bring the death penalty for some of these demons.
that hyena needs to be put down.

article cc: daily mail

7 thoughts on “so tavis dunbar motive for running them over is “hi, i’m insane”?

  1. I am willing to bet 100 that he is on METH. Meth is the drug of choice in Chicago, and they are losing their minds to it.

    1. Yes, I can’t tell you how many men on the apps have asked me do I “parTy” or do “Tina” smh

  2. So based on Twitter comments (of supposed people that were around the scene) it seems Tavis wasn’t a random but someone that had been in that bar aswell! Apparently he himself was apart of an earlier altercation with one or all of the victims, which resulted in him getting thrown out (I’m assuming that’s how was able to tell the victims “I got something for you motherfuckers”) but once he left the bar he allegedly waited in his car. When the guys got out into the street still continuing this fight, that’s when Tavis took the opportunity to run them down. Horrible either way, but it’s looking like he wasn’t just some random dude driving down the road, but he was waiting for them from a previous fight inside the bar

  3. I am curious to know what the fight was about and why in a city like Chicago, which is daily rife with gunfire, it spilled from some minuscule slight, out into the streets? WorldstarHipHop and those shady sites are filled with, primarily brown skinned folk, consistently being violent & foolish. It’s enough to induce vomit. Or some beautiful girl baring her body and twerking. Hyper-violent or hyper-sexualized versions of our shade. Guys are no different. Brandishing guns, sagging ass pants, nappy ass dreads, raggedy grills over unbrushed teeth. Not sexy no more. Grow up. I wonder was it about a man? Plus, it is a pandemic going on, despite what the dumb Fauci and Rochelle Walensky crew are saying. Drink at home with two or three friends. Staying home could save your life.

    1. The street was empty. There were no cars on the street and even still, if you are driving, people in the street means stop and slow down. That’s not there fault.

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