“So About Chris Brown…”, Says His Anonymous Friends To Billboard

so it finally happened.
the folks around chris brown seem to be fed up.
so much so,
most of them have collectively gone to billboard magazine.
billboard released a damn tell all article that started off like this…
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f0xmail: Can I Have Friends Who Aren’t Trying To Smash?



Hey Jamari…

I  hope all is well. I haven’t “checked in” in some time now. I am still a loyal reader. Keep up the good work as always . So I wanted your views on something : Are platonic relationships in this lifestyle a thing of the past? I am a discreet bi wolf. I have the hardest time having/keeping LGBT friends.  When they find out about me  they want that FWB situation. They give that “I always had a crush on you” speech or switch up. I only share with them in hopes of our friendship growing stronger. It never works out. I strive for the bond you have with starfox (bonds are forever). I lost a childhood friend through something petty. No real reason. You know one of those “I’m making this a big deal but it’s really something else” situations. I felt it was truly due to the fact I was not into him that way. Upon telling him I was bi he switched up. He started acting more like we were dating. My then childhood friend once said to me “you’re a guys “guy” like the one everyone would want”. I did not know how to take that. I still don’t know. After him it all was the same if I shared. Only decent lgbt “friends” I’ve had are dudes I once messed with. But that never last for obvious reasons. I feel like their advice is always bias because of the past we shared. But back to the question : Are platonic relationships in this lifestyle a thing of the past? Or is it just me? Thanks in advance.

Thank you,


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I’ve Been Bit and The Blood Won’t Stop (Help!)


you need to be burned so you can wake up.
so you can stop trusting so fast.

pineapples wanna stick my for my cream and it ain’t a dream,
things ain’t always what it seem
it’s the ones that smoke blunts witcha,
see your picture
now they wanna grab the guns and come and getcha”notorious big, warning

it’s like you can’t let anyone in your life anymore in 2016.
the more you show these pineapples an ounce of kindness,
the more they want to sink their claws deeper into your back.
you do things with’em,
hang out with’em,
and start to share your life story with’em.


that’s what you call’em.
that is…
until they bite you and the wound is pretty deep.
now you asking yourself:

How did this happen?

you decided to see the good in them and ignore the truth.
the signs were there,
but sometimes we are so desperate for companionship that we miss them.
the crazy part is,
once you defend yourself,
they can’t take it.
so they go and bad mouth you to anyone with an ear.
what happens when other animals believe them?

How do you handle the betrayal?

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We’re Not Friends Anymore?

tumblr_nfg1mvk2TJ1t1prrio1_500its mad awkward now.
i try not to look in his direction.
he definitely ain’t looking in mine.
this is when i physcially see him.
before he would make his presence known to me.
its like he has found new ways to maneuver around the building.
when we i do see him,
he always looks mad.
i can’t help that i’m being punished for something stupid…
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