They Killed Him and Mourned His Death on Facebook After (Baller Wolf)

knicks3n-1-webremember this story i posted about slain baller wolf,
michael wright?
( x get a refresher )
well an f-bi updated me on the outcome a year later.
they found out who killed michael.
you will just never believe the jackal involved
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Soooooo The Retired Baller Wolf Got Banged To Death?

hi-res-ae1f19876139829982360ac7d34e7404_crop_northso i have been so involved with the orlando massacre,
i completely missed this story.
thank you to the f-bi who updated me.
so former dl,
no pun intended,
baller wolf by the name of bryan robinson,
was found dead in a hotel room.
the problem is that bryan robinson may have actually been dl.
he may have gotten banged into heaven too.
uhhhhhhh huh.
check out the low down via tmz sports
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Look At The Flowers

9195888258_c1cf840ffd_bi opened up my door today and stopped to look at my lawn.
all of my flowers were dead.
the grass was a lovely shade of brown.
how could i be shocked?
i spent all year watering the gardens of others.
some appreciated it.
others slammed the door in my face after all the hard work.
how could i be mad that my own looked the way it did?
that was my fault.
i didn’t tend to what was really important.
my “2015” was all about chasing pavements.
ones that didn’t lead to anything really.
i had fun.
i would be a liar if i said that i didn’t.
 now its time to be a bit more selfish with my water hose.

He Outed Him; He Kilt Himself (Fair Trade?)

12183927_1487177674920283_3961616476104392064_oso markeith rivers has blood on his paws.
you know he is in the business of outing animals who are on the dl.
well he outed someone who ended up committing suicide.
here is the story via reportquickly
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