You Went From Lane to Lane That Now You’re Lost

we all have one.
maybe two or three,
but it’s usually one you’re really good at.
we always want to jump from lane to lane for quick success,
but never actually develop the first lane completely until we move.
maybe you do it on your own,
or the passengers around that hype you up,
but it’s easy to swerve and get into a head on collision.
i know my lane.

when it comes to jobs,
i know what i’m good at.
i’m great at basic administrative and assisting.
i don’t want to jump into any other lanes i can’t handle.
i have a growing career outside of these jobs.
my main goals is making that grow.
truth be told,
i hate assisting anyone.

i learned that at my last job before my unemployment.
i was doing things i never did before and hated it.
having to chase hyenas around,
triple checking that they get to their meetings,
and dealing with their constant issues was really annoying to me.
it made me absolutely miserable.
once i’m miserable,
you can forget it.

with the foxhole,
i love to write.
my career is being a writer.
i’m sure in the near future,
i’ll branch off into other avenues,
but i love expressing myself in writing.
writing about different shit at that
that’s my lane and many foxholers enjoy being in that lane with me.

Here is the thing…

the world is always telling you do all these different things to be successful.
what is success?
being able to brag on social media?
or doing something you’re happy doing every single day?

beyonce is a singer first.
everything else after.
she excels because she studied her craft.
she practiced every day to make herself the top performer.
it wasn’t an easy road,
but she is now “the queen” to many.
kellon deryck is another.
he went from doing hair part time,
to doing celebrity hair on tv shows,
being the “go-to” for hairstyles and wigs

…and now owns a whole salon.

when you are great at something,
like a muscle,
you need to train it consistently.
focus on that instead of jumping around trying to do so many other things.
i know so many like that and they love looking down on others.
the worst part is,
you end up burning out on the side of the road because nothing worked out.
once you master one gift,
you can move right over into the next.
if you look at your jobs on your resume thus far,
you stayed in one lane and ventured into something else later.
hr questions of your stability when they see you jumping from job to job.
i usually stick with jobs for a while before the end.
you can’t jump from administrative to management over night.
it takes certain road of experience/knowledge before making that transition.

See how that works?

stay in your lanes foxhole.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “You Went From Lane to Lane That Now You’re Lost”

  1. He did magic on that lady. If you told me that was two different people, I would believe you.

      1. He’s great man. He followed his dream. I admire that. Keep making those power moves Kellon.

  2. Great advice this also goes hand in hand with when it’s your time it’s your time. I look at people like Viola Davis and Taraji who studied their crafts going to school, getting their starts in the industry at later ages and just working. Those two worked for years either in smaller tv and theater roles, even after their first oscar nominations (I wanna say in 2009) just staying in their lanes with their eyes on their work.

    Now look at them both at the top of their game sought after A-list actors, Taraji in her mid 40s and I think Viola in her 50s.

    Society has it ingrained in a lot of us that if we don’t reach it by certain agethat we’re a failure, or if we don’t see instant results in something we should change lanes to something else. That thing you’re putting in work for could be the very thing that opens ups different avenues for you in the future.

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