yayha abdul-mateen II gets some pipe leakage on “watchmen”?

*the following entry is rated xxx
viewer discretion is strongly advised

i stopped watching hbo’s “watchmen” after the first episode.
it kinda confused tf outta me,
but i been dealing with some shit that made me lose interest in my shows.
i’m on the way back tho.
the last we spoke,
yayha abdul-mateen II had a nice sex scene with regina king in the first episode.
( x see it here )

oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…

^this is me setting a calendar invite to myself.
i’ll be tuning back into “watchmen” asap.

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27 thoughts on “yayha abdul-mateen II gets some pipe leakage on “watchmen”?”

  1. I was so hyped last night so I’m sorry to ruin it for ya’ll

    But on HBO Extras they said it was a prosthetic. He talked about going nude and stuff but they didn’t use his real manhood which is unfortunate.

    But damnnn, that got everybody watching it shook.

    1. Yeah, I was telling my friend the other day, HBO isnt the HBO of old. Them OZ DAYS when the dicks were real. lol Now they just use the fakes.

  2. Also these pics/nude scene might be a HUGEE spoiler for those who haven’t been keeping up with the show. So tread lightly

    1. Lol, everything else on him is real. You need to see the scene which had him walking across a long path and the camera was all up in his buns, closeups, well lit shots, etc. He said it was liberating to walk around naked. And they knew what we wanted.

      He was naked a couple more times in the episode as well

  3. Yahya so damn fine it don’t make no sense. He had Sterling K. Brown (of perfect body himself) so shook he took to Twitter to fangirl about Yayha’s “body” of work lol You love to see it!

    When they hang out pictures will be needed. For the culture….

    1. He’s starring in the new Matrix.

      From Black Manta in Aquaman to the most talked about episode of this years Black Mirror to having the most famous role in Watchmen, He is having a hell of a blowup and is 100% going to be the next big thing.

      without a doubt. I guarantee Marvel is going to want him for a project.

  4. It was so obvious it was a prosthetic. Most men do not use their real dicks. It’s good to see some black male nudity but it’s not always real. Jessica Alba had nude scenes that were digitally created because she didn’t want to shoot nude. Technology is so advanced these days you can have a nude scene that is not real at all.

    If they can make superheroes fly into space and do all kinds of stuff, a naked person ain’t hard for them to do at all. Kinda sad.. I do miss the old days when everything was much more authentic. It’s hard to trust anything you see these days as it could entirely be fake.

    He’s still looks really nice. Beautiful dark skin and nice body. A man to swoon over.

    1. I can remember going to see ‘Any Given Sunday,’ that Oliver Stone football film, back in 1999 or so, and it had a lot of real Black male nudity. When the one thick uncut brotha stands right in front of the camera next to Cameron Diaz, some people in the theater started gasping and one said “Damn!” out loud. It was all natural, no prosthesis.

      There’s another film, ‘Hall Pass’, in which Thaddeus Rahming appears frontally nude, and his real uncut piece is swinging right near Owen Wilson’s head. I didn’t see the movie in theaters, but it was surprising to see it even on a streaming service. Rahming didn’t need a prosthesis either.

      A few other major Black male actors who’ve appeared frontally nude without prostheses include Taye Diggs, Wesley Snipes, Jaye Davidson (‘The Crying Game’), etc but these were all years ago. It’s much less common today, for some reason.

      1. I remember both Any Given Sunday and Hall Pass showing real frontal male nudity.

        You know I love me some Black Men and I know when they be naked!!! 🤤

        Alongside the ones you mention..

        50 cent supposed frontal..

        To some merit Jamie Foxx had a somewhat graphic full frontal, balls and ass shot while upside down in Django.

        Rapper Treach had a good full frontal in the movie Love and a Bullet.

        Shawn Palm from DL Chronicles (which I suspect is a glaring prosthetic but it looks nice stiff..I still think he might have been tucked though..)

        Eamonn Walker (nice dick and ass), Harold Perrineau, Adeqale Akinnuoya-Agbaje (graphic full frontal with him grabbing his dick in some scenes), Lord Jamar (nice full frontal and ass), Seth Gilliam (who gives a rather nice dick and ass shot) are some of the black male actors who had full frontals on Oz and no prosthetics. All raw natural nudity.

        The TV show Oz had some of the best and unfiltered male nudity of any American TV show ever, specifically featuring Black male actorsbthat wasnt a Zane production. The nude scenes today are nothing compared to OZ.

        Usually when it comes to full frontals and on screen nudity, I noticed it is almost always dark skinned bruthas that bare it all for the camera.

        I’m not sure if this is something due to desirability or what but I can’t think of any atm. Every time a black man gets naked on film, he breaks the internet. We all know they secretly desire our men!! 🙄😂

        The only light skinned guy I remember to do a full frontal was Terrance Howard and no one asked for it…

        Honorable mention: Ving Rhames…though he has not done any full out full frontal, he is not afraid to get ass naked. He also has a Thicc black male build and masculine ass. He ain’t missed not one meal but he is a whole snack.

        The 90s Black actors were hella fearless. It’s slim pickings these days for sure.

        1. Break it down, Jammy! You right on point!

          (And yes, Oz was legendary and nobody wanted to see Terrance Howard’s Vienna sausage!)

        2. 50’s was real in Get Rick or Die Trying. But, I dont think it was real on Power. The reason I know it was real, bc the director at the time, said that he first tried using a nude sock, but every time the sock got wet it would show on cam and you can obviously tell he was wearing it. So, he convinced 50 to go nude. Im quite sure that 50 didnt expect, for his shit to actually be seen tho. lol

  5. He is scheduled to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live today, Tuesday, so Jimmy will get to the bottom of this in terms of what body parts were his.I want to know did they use a body double for the back/butt angles or is that his butt ☺.

    1. “I have a Black Manta suit, in Watchmen I have my birthday suit. . . . Walking around naked was so liberating. It felt really good!”

      ”I figured I’m going to do it, I might as well do it when I’m young and I’m also playing a character that is really above any notions of shame. For me it was really liberating to play inside of that, you know, to play naked. I guess there’s no other way to say it”

      So that was indeed his bootay at least, and he looks really good up there!

  6. Honestly this was such a great moment I’m disappointed to find out that it wasn’t his real piece but honestly what a moment we were blessed with.

  7. If y’all ain’t fans of the Watchmen you’re not allowed to enjoy the glory of yayha. I spent hours on Reddit Sunday night after the episode aired trading theories about this fantastic show. Y’all johnnie come lately hoes annoy me. lol 😝

  8. Yahya is fuckin BEAUTIFUL. I’m obsessed with him. It was obviously a prosthetic dick, the color doesn’t align, and it looks overall inconsistent with the rest of his body.

    Black men are gorgeous y’all!

  9. He is such an handsome guy and that bass was on point. With me being ever the picky asshole, HD does nothing for his facial skin. It looks bad like he shaves daily with a Gillette. Also wish he would have gotten that midsection tighter (that profile shot made him look press), Dr. Manhattan in a God. I think they should have put his head on a bodybuilder like they in the movie.

    But talent wise!?!? Him and Regina are killing it. Their whole last scene had me feeling everything.

  10. This is HBO, of course, they will show penises. Did you guys forget HBO Real Sex? Yeah, Showtime used to show some dicks too on Queer As Folk.

  11. If you didn’t see the movie, you wouldn’t get the references to the show. The show picks up 30 years later from the movie. The entire series so far, to me, was better than the movie. Now Yahya… he may have worn a prosthetic for Episode 8 but Episode 9, that was all him and that man packing even on soft.

    Oz will forever be a classic with full frontal male nudity. Second best, Spartacus. It was male nudity, sex, orgies, gay sex, gay orgies, everything.

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