X Marks the f0X: Amare’s Alleged Side Piece

What do you think about this picture?

When I saw that picture, I will admit I thought:

“The ball is the best part of the picture”

A little disappointing because I was for sure Amare wasn’t a light foot.
But then a Wolf on the prowl sent me this in an email:



If that is his alleged dick, he redeemed himself.
Nothing worst than expecting salami and getting vienna.
I been sniffing around Amare since he played for the Suns.
That ESPN shoot hurt my feelings…deeply.

Someone get Amber Rose for a confirm.


2 thoughts on “X Marks the f0X: Amare’s Alleged Side Piece

  1. lol more than likely he has it tucked between his thighs like the queens do…he could have been more relaxed in the photo though….who is the editor? cuz I would never run such a horrible photo.

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