f0x asks…

is this a wolf,
or a fox underneath?

…but, his cheeks deserve to be under wolf meat.

is that jodi blaze?
see entries for his ass here
and here.

9 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT (116)

  1. Either a really vain wolf or a hybrid. I doubt he’s a total fox. Fuck a label though, this man is body beautiful!

  2. Fox – Hybrid maybe. No Wolf does a picture like the middle one…we may give you a side view, but he’s serving it up like on a platter – and I’m hungry

  3. Damn he got a big ol ass. If I went to the gym and seen a nigga like that I would stare. I would let him know that I’m interested.

    1. ^the way he is showing off his cheekz,
      he better be some kind of fox.
      although if that is jodi,
      he may… and i use that loosely… be a wolf.

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