Who Knew Gabrielle Union Knew How To Kick Ass Like This? (Breaking In)

we are not just slaves.
we are just as capable as having other story lines in movies.
a trailer for a movie starring gabrielle union dropped today.
it’s called “breaking in” and it was produced by gabby and will packer.
check it out…

…well aight gabby.

i’m there.
you don’t even have to ask.
i remember when she was filming this and showing snaps about it.
she wasn’t spilling any details,
but i do remember that young vixen in a few.
her name is ajiona alexus and she played a young “cookie” on empire.
we need to support our movies.
there is a place at the table for us.
“breaking in” hits theaters on mother’s day,
may 13th.

lowkey: black folks gonna be talking back to the screen in this one.
you know i love that shit.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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  1. Yo tell me why I SWORE the title read “Who knew Gabrielle Union knew how to eat ass like this” and was really wondering why there was no example in your write up 😩😂

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