what does your “you hurt me but i bounced back better” look like?

in life,
we will have people who have done us wrong.
for many of us,
we worked our asses off to become who we are now.
whether it is a successful career,
a massive glo’up,
or both,
we use that revenge from hurt to fuel us into being better.
i have a question for the foxhole,
and i hope it doesn’t come off ignorant but…

Do you ever wonder if the people who hurt you have run across “the new you” on social media?

i cringe at the person i use to be.
i cringe at how “nice” i was to the wrong people.
how i was never really myself in order to be accepted.

I hate that people are left that impression after all these years.

i never got a chance to speak my side of what went down.
it didn’t feel good after being kind,
or thinking folks were down for me,
folks decided to believe the rumors and stories.
the idea that i was so easy to throw away.

If you were to ask most of these people what I did wrong to them,
they wouldn’t be able to tell you.

so now i’m in a much better place,
i want those people to see that.
i don’t know if it’s the people pleaser in me or what.
that side of me does come out at the worst times.
it is something that i am working through in therapy but…

I had to ask The Foxhole if they ever felt the same.

Is it wrong to want your retribution?

…but like beyonce at the grammys,
i thank God for continuing to protect me.
he def took me out of things that would have fully destroyed me.

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “what does your “you hurt me but i bounced back better” look like?”

  1. I don’t think it’s wrong in wanting some form of retribution. Personally I’m one who thrives on people’s regrets because you shouldn’t had done what you did to me in the first place. Now watch as I grow better, become better and continuously do better. People from my past tend to try and reconnect and I always dub them. You’re in the past for a reason. Deuces ✌️ and stay wondering while I keep succeeding.

  2. Hold your head up and keep pressing on!! Remember you’re just one person that has to impress is yourself.👊🏼❤️❤️

  3. You’re basically my mental twin, Jamari! People pleaser; always try to go out of my way so ppl will like me; even at the expense of my peace of mind. I’ve had these same thoughts, but It’s an ego thing for me. I want retribution the same: too stun on the haters, the people I felt did me wrong; the people that took advantage of my kindness. The ones that tried to bring me down. I want to walk by them and smile; laugh in their face. Let them know they fail. Does it feel wrong to me? No. I do think it’s a mindset that’s unhealthy for me though. I’m still focus on the past, I haven’t let whatever it is go. In my case, my ego was bruised so my ego wants revenge. Cause “Look at me Now!” 🙂

  4. “Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper.” Beyoncé sang it best and I keep this lyric close to my heart because it’s my truth. I haven’t really seen anybody due to the pandemic and if they run across my socials then yeah they will see the glow up but I rather see them in person so they have to acknowledge me lol. Either way I’m so good with me that I never thought about it until this post 🤣 that’s the true win.

  5. Viola Davis said she checks on her bullies to make sure they’re not doing well in life and I don’t bother checking, but I definitely want my enemies checking on me.

    “Do you ever wonder if the people who hurt you have run across “the new you” on social media?”

    Yes, because they view my story, then block me, then unblock when I post again lol

    I’m moody and delete my social media every 5 seconds so when I am on it, people are all up in my bizz and know they can’t ask how I’m doing, so they lurk.

    I change my number twice a year and don’t have much of an online presence because the idea of somebody who did me dirty or doesn’t check on me being able to pop up when they need an ego boost because they crave my energy, nope.

    Rather have a dry phone then a wet one with moldy drama and toxicity.

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