We Are All About To Take A Nosedive

if the world went on a rating system,
how do you think you’d do?
would you be a top influencer?
or would you be down in the pits of social siberia?
“nosedive” on “black mirror” on netflix stuck with me...

It’s currently happening!

uber drivers rate us/we rate them.
my uber score is a 4.64 out of 5.
the episode basically is about a world where we,
and others,
rate each other.
it’s like instagram/facebook come to life.
if your ratings goes into the lower numbers,
you can’t do certain things or get into certain places.
you are pretty much looked down upon.
that is why i can’t stop thinking about it.
this is about to be the future.
if someone doesn’t have “followers” on social media now,
or actively posting superficial wet dreams,
you’re pretty much an outcast.
self esteem is being tied into social media presence.
companies even want,
or go out of their way to investigate,
your social media in order to qualify you for a job.

foxhole tip: make another social media page for “jobs”.
ig preferably.
put up about two or three pictures on it.
no body shots.
a facial and maybe food/your pet/the parental units.

make the intro very boring,

my name is ______________________.
i love happiness,
good times,
and my cat Felix!”

bryce dallas howard did such an amazing job bringing “lacie” to life.

she was so fake and her true intentions showed as the episode went on.
it’s like most of us who live in our social media bubbles.
are we genuinely happy others “like” us…

…or do we just want our numbers up?

lord knows,
the attentionistos can be fake af.
they get naked for the gram,
but when they’re featured on the foxhole for the same thing,
i get…

i think it’s a must watch as to where society is taking us.
i don’t think we gonna be able to stop it.

lowkey: i’m so guilty taking picture of my food like she did.
i think my rating would be average.
the way my attitude is set up…
i will say,
i’d love to give an immediate rating for bad service.
there are pros and cons to it…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “We Are All About To Take A Nosedive”

  1. This is the only one of this series I’ve watched so far and loved it. It was very entertaining, I love the messaging behind the series as a whole. We need to get it together. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the other episodes. It’s on my list.

    If this isn’t a moral reminder to get off of social media from time to time, I don’t know what is…

    1. ^it’s an amazing show!!!!!
      it makes you think!!!!

      social media might destroy humanity as we know it.
      we are always coming out with something that makes life easier,
      but makes us more lazy and dependent.

      do we even know/remember people’s phone numbers???

      1. I do, I’m notorious for never being “online” and I only have FB, of which I don’t really use. We act like we are enslaved to these things but it really is a simple choice. They’re there as a tool, and WE choose how and when to use them, not the other way around. If everyone is obsessed and relies so heavily on SM that is on them. I find it interesting when people judge or base their relationships and friendships off of social media.

        My general rule is, if you have my social media but not my cell phone # then don’t expect much from me. I only use social media when I need it or when it’s convenient, I seem to be one of the few that isn’t letting it use me. Social Media isn’t ending us, we are.

  2. You got me into this show and i’m glad you did. Really loving it. I finally got to this episode and throughout it i was thinking ‘this is all too familiar’ I know wayyyyy too many Lacie’s in real life it’s crazy. I really loved the end of the episode also, my absolute favorite moment of the season. It was Real af, figuratively and literally.

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