Marvin Bienaime Has A Meltdown

marvin bienaime.
marvin bienaime.
marvin bienaime.

wtf are you doing?

so yesterday,
i happened to witness a meltdown on marvin’s ig page.
as you know,
marvin has photographed some of the best meat in the business.
whenever he photographs a male model,
they end up getting in essence and doing background work on shows.
well apparently and allegedly,
another photographer didn’t appreciate not getting credit from marvin.
it all started because of travis cure.
this is what marvin posted


first of all,
would this have been an “issue” if marvin was white?
the posts continued:

i just gotta font:


everyone looks horrible and unprofessional in the situation,
including the manager to travis cure,

but why did marvin even have to “go there” by posting it?
“when they go low you go high”
michelle obama
was speaking truth with that.
why blast this on ig like a regular civilian?

if we really want to go there tho,
i’ve posted marvin’s work on the foxhole plenty of times.
i show him endless amounts of love and appreciation.
not once has he hit me up and said:

“thank you jamari”

 he has never highlighted the foxhole on his site.
i would know.
the foxhole is quick to tell me when we get acknowledged.
the foxhole isn’t as big as “bossip” or “essence” tho.
i’m not on the level of a “kid fury” or “jason lee”.
i might not be worthy of that to marvin,
but whenever i post anything/anyone tho,
especially stuff from HIS brand,
everyone is interested.
18 million views,
with 300k+ a month,
through word of mouth is nothing to sneeze at.
so it’s funny to see this all started about credit,
talking about “i’ve been working my ass off for such and such”,

like he said,
i genuinely support him because:

i love his work
he is a black male trying to make a name for himself
he always provides top quality male models

 he can be a bit “extra” nowadays.
like when he asked his supporters the other week:

“Do you prefer to make love with the lights on or off?”

like marvin,
you’re a photographer.
not one of the vixens on “the real”.
get it together.

so marvin needs to figure out if he is a:

ratchet d list attentionisto
photographer with real connects and power

…and never do alla “that” again.

lowkey: is marvin the “star” or the models?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Marvin Bienaime Has A Meltdown”

  1. He (Marvin) shouldn’t have even responded to Mr. Williams. And yes, he should give you a shout out Jamari, because if it hadn’t been for your posts, myself and many others wouldn’t have known who Marvin is.

    1. ^i was shocked and so appreciative when the models sent me love.
      jeramie hollins is the STANDARD.
      they ALL need to follow how he showed love to me.
      omarian ryan is another who appreciated his entry.

  2. And this is why black people can never have anything good. Some of us always want to tear one another down instead of helping one another. All of this was totally unnecessary and VERY unprofessional.
    It happens among other cultures/ethnicities, but we can never seem to rise above it. That crab-in-the-barrel mentality is real

  3. Smh professionalism has been dead for a while and social media has everyone thirsting for attention and likes. I always feel things like this should be handled behind the scenes. And frankly Marvin could send you a thank you Jamari. Hell I wouldn’t know about any of these photographers and their work if it wasn’t for your site. Let’s be real there aren’t too many places outside tumblr and IG showcasing black male models and photographers.

  4. MarVin rrally can “Queen” out sometimes. It’s obvious he is gay or let’s just say he has an eye for men….but handle business like a professional man …chill the fuck out and man the fuck up. None of this had to be public and marine starting to get a,ego.

    1. ^marvin is a PHOTOGRAPHER.
      we don’t need to know him.
      he gonna fuck around and lose his mystery.
      all that free advice someone like him is giving wolves that aren’t working with him directly…


  5. 1. It’s impossible to give credit to everyone who shouts you out or shows you love and if your only motivation for featuring someone else’s work is to be acknowledged, then you’re in it for the wrong reasons.

    Would it be nice? Yes. Is it considerate? Absolute. Should it be standard practice? Probably. However, when you consider the number of people who likely shout Marvin and his work out through social media (including random social bloggers, IG personalities and regular posters), the idea that he could ever have time to shout every single one of them out publicly is pretty ridiculous.

    2. Being a photographer doesn’t mean he can’t branch out and be other things. If he wanted to also be a blogger or a IG personality, he could. If I were his manager, I’d advise keeping the two ventures separate, but they can both be done. The idea that anyone has to be one thing is tired. I’m actually surprised that it’s something that you (Jamari), of all people, just promoted.

  6. Idk in the heat of the moment people rarely think about professionalism, they just want to get out whatever it is. I’m not excusing his behavior because I do think it would have been better for everyone involved to handled this in private.

  7. I saw this happen yesterday and I understand both men’s POV,there was some miscommunication.I was more taken aback by Travis’ manager,she is very unprofessional.I think the two photographers can mend things but I don’t think Marvin can work with Travis again.
    I am glad that both guys deleted those posts.

    1. The manager can be a whole lot a lot of the times. I know here and she should not have uttered a word publicly. But this is the year of being exposed and true intentions are floating to the surface when a lil heat is applied. #shrug

  8. I’m not gonna lie I asked the chick what her beef she said nothing and she said she respect as a photographer,But he’s very cool

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