The Vixen Who Wants To Sue The Foxhole

tumblr_inline_mi32wh50eQ1qz4rgpso i woke up this morning and saw this in my “comments to approve”:

“”MTO has deleted the article,
id appreciate it if you would too so that I don’t have to recontact my lawyers.
Thank you.”

imagine my surprise when i saw who it was…
so remember this story i posted:


( x refresh your memory here )

so she is threatening to contact her lawyers because SHE uploaded a picture online,
everyone saw it,
MTO decided to upload it to their website,
 i saw it,
and then i uploaded to mine…
so what is she mad at me for?
i’m curious?
when you upload ANYTHING on social media,
that is YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA SITE’S property.
it’s also up for grabs for anyone to use.
so again…
what are her lawyers gonna tell me?
and how do you explain this in court?

i allegedly had sex with a baller.
i allegedly uploaded a picture of us after we smashed on my instagram.
i allegedly wanted to show everyone who it was and what hotel he took me too.
someone decided to screen shot it and send it to mediatakeout.
other blogs and forums took it off that site to use to show my alleged dumbassness.
get me a check for my embarrassment!

tumblr_lrst8qabiL1r317bvo1_250read my ( X DISCLAIMER ) for more details.

lowkey: am i wrong for thinking she is an alleged idiot?
if i am,
please let me know.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “The Vixen Who Wants To Sue The Foxhole”

    1. She needs to close her legs to married me too. Y’all know I love him lol.

      How dare she try and expose him tho. What did she think she was going to gain? Fame? Fortune? A baby?

      I want her to come in this comment section, oh yea…bring ya ass. You know I’m ready like shit. She better ask somebody before she do tho lol.

  1. No you’re not wrong because she just confirmed it with her idiotic response to you….it’s better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and confirm it and she gave you confirmation…let this be a lesson learned to her

  2. Isn’t this the bitch that slept with my husband and tried brag about it? *in my Tara voice*

    How dare she threaten to sue for her recklessness. She does not have a lawsuit, sorry hoe! People saw the picture, it did come from her instagram, so none of this is alleged, it happened. You need to give her my email and let her contact me. Shid…

    Oh the real, this is Paul’s doing, she isn’t fooling anyone. He is threatening to sue her, and she has to get every picture removed or he will have her ass. Remember his image is clean, and he is new to super-stardom. He ain’t playing with these hoes. I taught my man well lol.

  3. You don’t have to delete anything, and you had better not. Let her contact her lawyers, if they are worth a dime, they will tell her the same thing.

  4. How are you tell someone you are going to recontact their lawyers? Wouldn’t your lawyer be the one to handle the case in the first place? Why would she leave a comment and not send a professional email? She came to the wrong website with those threats because she will get dragged. Paul George is probably so far up her ass with a subpoena, he can tell you what she ate for dinner last night. If she had “lawyers”, they would’ve told her she shouldn’t have uploaded the picture on Instagram in the first place. I hope the dick was worth it!

  5. Chile I would love to be in that court room to see her defense for that case. How do you explain you whored someone famous out for popularity on Instagram?

  6. That bitch is bluffing. If she was legaled up the lawyer would have contacted you and cited the law you allegedly broke. That broke bitch can’t afford a pack of gum let alone an attorney. She better worry about tbat baller suing her. So don’t worry Jamari. This is a funny way to end 2013. Happy New Year and a better 2014.

  7. so you know i asked everyone i knew if i was wrong.
    everyone could not find the fault on my end.
    they all agreed she is a doofus,
    i did NOT go on her phone and upload anything without her consent.
    she <--- the keyword, did. so when she left the same message to "in flex we trust“,
    and then posted this:


    i knew she was full of it.
    you pay lawyers to do this kind of thing.
    if beyonce and other REAL celebs can’t do anything when their drama is leaked,
    and far worse drama,
    what makes her special?
    if she wasn’t so rude,
    i would have taken it down.

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