The Showing Of The Ass

Jamari Fox is a pretty nice dude… 

…Until I got to get stupid
and show my natural light brown ass.

Ima keep this short, sweet, and to the point.

I believe in 50/50.
I read ALOT of my favorite blogs
and show support of throwing them up in my blog roll.
I just do it because I believe in supporting those who have quality work.


Do not send me emails and messages,
on Twitter or wherever you see me,
begging for me to “support” you and you aren’t doing the same for me.

Obviously you cannot return the favor.
And I don’t fuck with selfish people.

I do not write bullshit.
I actually do my thing and do it well.
There is NO REASON why I shouldn’t be on your roll.

So don’t bullshit me.