The New Dating App With The Foxhole In Mind?

ive been wanting to go on a date lately.
ever since i got laid off,
i’ve been feeling emotionally needy.
well an f-bi sent me a link to a new dating app for “us”.
it’s called “rumpur”.
this is an intro to their mission statement details…




  • At Rumpur we thrive on love, tolerance and diversity. There are other dating sites that host users who display offensive language to exclude their undesired mate.
  • Is that really necessary?
  • At Rumpur we have zero tolerance for profiles containing hateful, demeaning or racial overtones.
  • No Ethnicity Filters.
  • Just a great dating experience!

i like that.
once you sign up,
you get a free 60 day free trial.
it seems like it’ll be more exclusive than “jack’d” or “grindr”.
i’m looking for something a lot more discreet so this could be up my forest.
the app doesn’t launch until 3/15,
but you:


well foxhole,
i know that we want a different experience!
i’m trying to have this kind of moment with a wolf again:

let’s pass it along!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “The New Dating App With The Foxhole In Mind?”

      1. I’m not throwing it anywhere, but how many gay men have you encountered that are completely open to meeting and interacting with all kinds of men and don’t use their race, body type, sexual preferences as a weeding out process?

        Ain’t no unconditional acceptance bih. lol

    1. I agree. At the end of the day, everyone has a preference. It is fine to have a preference, as long as you do not degrade others in the process. That is hard for gay men to do though.

      1. I agree with The Man. It’s fine to have a preference (WE ALL DO so let’s keep it real here) but don’t be an asshole about it. It’s okay to state what you’re into, just don’t put others down in the process. Too many folks on these apps act like their shit don’t stink.

  1. This is a very interesting conversation piece. I don’t know how to feel about an app who’s very claim to fame would be the Ethnicity of its core users. In essence, we are now doing what we’ve criticized Grindr for doing since it’s inception 7 years ago. We are segregating ourselves based on race.

    Btw, is it just me or has the JackD app been abandoned by white gays? Or it could be that I’m filtered out of their view because I’m black. I only log on occasionally for shtts n giggles but the Black guys tend to outnumber the Whites on JackD. Not so much on Scruff and Grindr.

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