the founder of “twinks4trump” lost his job and needs your help finding another

was there “bottoms4barack”?

i kid.
well everyone meet trump stan,
lucian wintrich.
he looks like an “andrew cunanan” doppleganger…

…but is actuallythe founder of
“twinks 4trump”,
which showed young gay twinks in support for”the orange one”.
don’t even get me started.
because of this,
he got access into the white house with an official press pass.
i’m sure you’re already thinking what i’m thinking.
well that was recently taken away and “pink news” fonted why…

‘Twinks4Trump’ founder Lucian Wintrich has been dropped as a White House press correspondent over his links to white nationalists.

Alt-right Trump fan Lucian Wintrich was behind a ‘Twinks4Trump’ photo exhibit in 2016, featuring naked young gay men posing in support of the Republican billionaire.

Wintrich was later handed an official White House press pass, on behalf of alt-right and overtly pro-Trump blog Gateway Pundit.

However the activist was dropped from Gateway Pundit this month after appearing on a podcast hosted by self-described white nationalist Nicholas Fuentes.

Right Wing Watch notes that the pair discussed genetic difference between races and claimed the US was “specifically saying we want the shittiest immigrants in the entire world to flood our country.”

The Daily Beast reports that Wintrich was unceremoniously dumped by Gateway Pundit after the news came to light, though the blog claimed his exit had been planned for weeks.

Gateway Pundit chief Jim Hoft tweeted: “I’d like to wish Lucian Wintrich the best of luck and blessings on his next endeavor after leaving Gateway Pundit several weeks ago.”

Wintrich was previously photographed in the White House briefing room making a hand gesture associated with the online white supremacist movement.

The hand sign references the ‘Pepe the Frog’ meme, which started out life as an innocuous cartoon but was adopted as a visual symbol by the far-right and white supremacists online.

well don’t cry for him foxhole.
i’m sure there is some dl republican daddy, getting ready to pay his phone bill as we font.
his ig screams he ( x blackmails those in power for fun ).
unlike the black foxes,
the twinks always land on their paws (or knees).
i’m sure there are hella perks being “twinks4trump”.
i did agree with this tweet about it tho:

correction: “big black cock” on the low.

lowkey: he looks like the type,
that if we were all in high school together,
he’d have the best drugs.
am i lying?

article cc: pink news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “the founder of “twinks4trump” lost his job and needs your help finding another”

  1. Aww. Maybe he should make an Onlyfans account. That seems to be the solution to folks problems these days.

    I was talking to an online friend about white people a few days ago. I told him…Ya know, some white people are chill and then there’s the other ones. We don’t speak of those type.

    I’ve never really trusted white people to be honest. As prejudice as that sounds, you know I’ll get on here and be honest with no filter.

    Now I didn’t say I hate them or anything. I’ve been in the presence of some genuine fairskinned folks (I say fair-skinned since I saw a post where white men were calling black women “colored”) but I’ve ran across some nasty ones too. But I guess now a days it depends.

    Also arent White supremacists like super homophobic? Why support Trump who is obviously a homophobot alongside his KKK rituals?

    Do you know that there are people that still support Trump even after all the screwing up he did but if Obama wore the wrong color tie he was uncivilized? Baby, times are about to get heated over the years.

  2. I honestly can’t with some*** of the white gheys. I simply cannot. The blatant desire to be a racist while aligning with a political party that would rather throw them in a conversion camp than embrace them is telling in itself.


  3. Maybe he can go fk. the Orange man, shower him with praise, hell hire him. I have no sympathy for most white gay men. They are just as racist, entitled, discriminatory as the general white population.

    1. Oh, I wish you hadn’t said that. But, I was pointing out the other day to a friend how racist gay porn is. The “men of color” are always thugs, robbers or just “BBC”, and if they do a scene with a white dude it’s labeled “BIRACIAL”. Say what you want about me and I couldn’t care less, but when I hear racist crap my blood boils. It hurts ALL of us as a society, as a whole and it is ugly, ignorant and unkind. That little Twinks4Trump gurrl is pathetic and backward. I hope no one hires him for any job over the next decade, and I hope he looks back at this time in his life with deep shame and regret.
      I grew up in the Air Force and lived all over the country (and parts of the world) and have been around different cultures and faiths and what I have learned is that there are really amazing people out there… everywhere! But in this time when we have a racist president who is a liar, corrupt, ignorant, and a malignant narcissist, it is sometimes hard to remember that. Especially when our history has “religious” conservatives using their Bibles to justify slavery and segregation, they opposed former slaves becoming citizens, opposed their right to vote, opposed interracial marriage, and defended segregation; and now they oppose immigration, asylum seekers, refugees from certain Islamic countries, and Trump referred to some African countries as #shitholes… It’s hard to remember there are still a lot of great people out there, but I promise you there are.
      Remember, 1/2 of eligible voters stayed home and Trump lost the popular vote by roughly 3 million votes. Also remember that the Women’s March in Washington dwarfed Trump’s inauguration ceremony the previous day and President Obama’s inaugurations also dwarfed that of Trumps. So, those people who didn’t vote, we need them to vote in 2020. Bernie’s millennial supporters need to realize that not all “change” is good and Trump is not good for any democracy. Also know that Republicans only win when they cheat– that’s why they drastically gerrymander states to put themselves in an advantage over Democrats and we have to fight against that and against voter suppression laws. And, we need YOUNG PEOPLE and WOMEN to show up in record numbers to save our country from this steep decline we are in… I don’t want the US to become a #shithole country… again. There are more registered Democrats than there are Republicans– we are the majority.
      So, hang in there. There are people, like me, who actually give a damn. Oh, my grandparents are immigrants from Scotland… that’s pretty white, yes? lol

  4. He gives unhinged vibes like it would take nothing for him to shot at anybody. Honestly the trash taking out the trash is so hilarious.

  5. What? Another Milo Yi-whatever? I was surprised at first when I learned how many gay predominantly white men support Trump.. Then I figured it does make sense because white women support him by droves behind closed doors.

    I mean how dumb can you be to support a hate group when you’ve experienced hate before. They desperately want to be accepted by them publicly and it’ll never happen.

    1. Lord knows I can’t stand that disgusting tripe Milo. He honestly makes me sick. He is clearly a closet racist and fetishizes black men to the 10th power. He has a nasty ass koon of a husband who refuses to show his face because he even knows that he will get hell.

      I wish a punk ass white ghey like that would try me, racist af but will slurp any black penis thrown in their faces. Nasty asses.

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