the following is not “alright” (young black republican leaders)

 there is a whole nother type of animal out there.
ones that don’t think or behave like you do.
when i saw this following video,
i automatically felt sick.
so i didn’t know about the “YBRL”.


sounds like “ew”.
they went to a conference trump rally over the weekend,
got pumped off whatever he was talmbout,
and brought kendrick lamar into it.
is what they posted on twitter

i’d have to banish my own child for that nonsense.
locks changed and mail redirected.

i don’t think “alright” fits their struggle tho.
it actually contradicts what they’re barking about.
according to the breakdown of the song on genius:

that whole “to pimp a butterfly” album is anti-maga,
they should be going more towards kanye.
he fits whatever they’re fighting for.

i feel like any minority,
knows the background of hiphop,
or gay
who is republican is lost.
it makes absolutely no sense to me.

lowkey: do they have this much gusto for all the racism going on?

5 thoughts on “the following is not “alright” (young black republican leaders)

  1. Umm okay But that’s not really NEW NEWS!!! We already knew he got down, we just waiting on him to admit it!!

  2. WTF?

    Young Black Republican Leaders, my question would be leading what exactly? If you look at Candance Owens and Brandon Tatum who are two that I recognize all they seem to be is social media personalities they aren’t on any boards, they aren’t setting any policies, or agendas for the black community, they have to specific policies that they advocate for; all they do is try to tell black people why they shouldn’t be liberals or democrats.
    I don’t want to turn this into a vote democrat speech but at least on that side black people are in the room and part of the discussion especially black women who play major roles in the DNC. Now you can discuss how effective they are but that’s a whole separate discussion.

  3. I went OFF about this the other day. It makes me disgusted. You can have conservative values and not support a racist.

    And the whole “Democrats owned slaves”..and? Both sides are crooks. What if we elected non-coons and supported each other? Always some disgusting coon helping a White person follow their dream! One chick said it was the proudest moment of her life taking a picture with Trump and he was her favorite president ever.

    He’s racist. Says White Supremacists are “fine people”, uses his Straight White Male privilege, connections and money to do what he wants without consequence, literally has concentration camps, caused children to be “misplaced”(likely being human trafficked”), is lowering standards to keep the air unpolluted and relaxing food safety guidelines, doesn’t believe in the damagewe do to the environment (hurricane season will get worse 🙁 ), passes idiotic laws that will affect us for years to come, nominated a WHITE rapist to be in political power FOR LIFE…

    How dare he be your favorite president?

    Skin folk are NOT kinfolk. Being Black does NOT make us family.

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