the boy is mine remix is brandy and monica featuring ariana grande?

when “the boy is mine” dropped in 98,
with brandy and monica belting out their soulful rivalry,
it was more than just a song.
it was a cultural moment.
the ultimate for young millennials.
i still remember Mum surprising me with the maxi single.


I’ll also never forget her apartment flooding just as Brandy was hosting MTV for the weekend,
promoting her new album and “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.”

but what a year.
brandy and monica’s sophmore albums still hold a special place in my heart.

ariana grande is trying to capture that magic in her “yes, and?” era,
but nothing’s landing quite right.

even her duet with mariah failed to make waves but only a cute splash.
she tried re-doing “the boy is mine”,
but not like the OG,
but adding brandy and monica to the remix…

i’ll be 110% but i’m not sure how i feel about it.
they sound good but it’s all over the place for me.

Were they all in some poly relationship and he finally chose one?

i wish they’d blended the original or try something creative with both versions.
remixes just don’t hit like they did back in the golden era of music.
missy and “that hyena who is a bad boy” are truly missed for their remixes.

brandy used this moment to promote her new a24 film,
the front room”:

…just like she did back then for her her first scary movie.
according to the whispers in the woods,
she might even return for an “i know what you did last summer” remake too.

brandy’s setting the stage for a major comeback,
and honestly,
i’m here for it.

lowkey: i had to bust out a “1998” playlist for nostalgia…

3 thoughts on “the boy is mine remix is brandy and monica featuring ariana grande?

  1. Not here for it. YEARS ago she said she was the only one who could cover it and it rubbed me the wrong way. Now with all of the other mess surrounding Ariana and her being more successful than Black women in R&B and Pop…no thanks.

    Sam Smith said the same thing about Whitney Houston’s music.

    When WE are the top sellers, other people can.

    But until then, all the Kpop and r&B inspired pop music topping the charts..miss me with this crap.

    I’m also irritated Monica said Arian healed her and Brandy. Girl what? What did Ariana do that 2 grown women couldn’t do to chase a bag?

    Differences aside a Brandy/Monica tour would break records. Neither of them top the charts. They need to put aside their egos and get this shmoney.

    She’s so goofy for that and they should have gone on tour after everything opened up and used the Verzuz momentum smh

    Look how Beyonce incorporated so much of mashups/social media memes into her tour.

    Monica could’ve literally had a Goonica transition between songs and Brandy could have..let me shut up. Giving away common sense for free.

  2. The track presents a decent effort but falls short of the iconic performance delivered by Brandy and Monica. It’s missing the inventive spark and the high production standards that characterized the original. There’s a noticeable shift in the music industry, where the investment in artists and their work doesn’t seem to be as robust as it once was, and this is reflected in the quality of the music being produced.

  3. I actually fuck with it. The bridges are my favorite part. The all shine differently.

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