The Beater VS The Beaten

In a world where the victim usually prevails,
things have taken quite the turn between whats right and whats wrong.

When you are cute, light, and have fancy footwork,
all signs point to “Forgiven”, while the victim, “Forgotten”.

Poor Rihanna,┬áChris Brown is fighting for the death and looks like he isn’t going down without throwing another blow.

You know Jamari loves a good cat fight.


Rihanna – Russian Roulette


Chris Brown – Crawl

Stay tuned…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

One thought on “The Beater VS The Beaten”

  1. Oh,I believe her to a point….but somethin about this
    whole Rihanna thing dont set right with me…I think
    its for the media….he gets time/she get time…when
    they both know its bullshit..he was fukin/she had JZ and
    was fukin……I dont sympathize with either of them.

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