the barbz are still picking on cardi b

so ima be honest with the foxhole about something.
i’m lowkey into cardi b.
one day,
when i was going to that last job i worked at,
i decided to listen to her album on the way there.
i really wanted to know what the hub bub was all about.
i haven’t stopped listening since.
that spat she had with nicki drew me to her of some reason too.
 i haven’t really been paying attention to cardi/nicki drama,
but i did see she had a message for the barbz on “the shade room”.
this is what she had to say on her ig live

they’re still harassing her?

stans gotta stop doing that shit.
so i can only font for me and no one else,
but i call this syndrome:

The underdog push

cardi is the under dog next to nicki minaj.
all of this harassment and drama only boosts cardi.
if she wasn’t a threat,
she would be irrelevant.
stan bases have a habit of doing this.
because of this,
cardi is using that push to help give her a story line.
it’s like a reality show,
but a real one.
nicki should have left well enough alone with cardi.
she might have went away.
all she had was her ratchetness and kulture.
she has beef and that always sells records.

nicki’s rumors of alleged bad behavior has turned on her too.
cardi seems down to earth and folks really like her out here.
that gave her gas too.
so for someone like me who was “undecided”,
i became interested in what cardi is doing.
i still like nicki,
and after listening to “queen” i enjoyed it,
but cardi became relatable.
you gotta be careful who you choose to beef with.

cardi has a new single called “money” that she debuted today.

it’s okay.
it sounds really repetitive to me.
like one long ass loop.
it’s missing “something”.
it needs a feature.
nicki is clearly still the superior rapper out the two.

lowkey: cardi is also really insecure too.
she needs to learn how to ignore.

22 thoughts on “the barbz are still picking on cardi b

  1. I’m bored of her… I don’t have an issue with her trying to rap, I just have an issue with her being pushed as the main face of female rap. Because she is not a rapper! She’s a contrived marketing machine concocted by Atlantic Records who saw a lucrative opportunity when she was discovered on the gram. Now she is being pushed so hard its obvious that its forced now.

    And honestly, I fail to see how “relatable” she is, I just see a shameless ratchet person. Thats all. Funny enough its my demographic that she’s mainly being pushed to (under 25) and I can see right through her. I don’t see a rapper when I see Cardi, I see a puppet. Every artist has a team behind them but this girl looks like she lacks creative direction or vision for everything. She seems like an IG popular person who just lucked up. Period. I’m not gonna shit on her because everybody deserves to eat, she’s just not my cup of tea. Her album was cool, I prefer Queen though. Maybe because I grew up listening to Nicki since my preteen years. But still.

    Also, the harassment is a two way street. The hate that Cardi gets pales in comparison to the vitriol that Nicki has received for the past year and a half. The difference is Nicki isn’t as sensitive as Cardi to nitpick every comment and cry all the time. She said it best in her interview with Ebro, you gotta have thick skin when it comes to comments from the public. Celebs clap back every now and then but Cardi is ALWAYS bothered. Mind you, her song with Maroon 5 is #1 RIGHT NOW as we speak. She just released a single. Why does she give so much time to trolls? there comes a point where you gotta draw the line between keeping it real (being sensitive) and growing up.

    I remember when Nicki was at the top in her early days and Kim was coming at her publicly. Nicki NEVER let the public see her sweat. Y’all remember those 2011/2012 days when Nicki was everywhere (American Idol, MAC, Pink Friday perfume etc). She NEVER gave Kim nor her naysayers the time of day . And thats how Cardi should be! IGNORE the bullshit. Nobody at the top should be this bothered. Shit is comical.

    Btw, many of the Barbz are now starting to sound like Kim fans when Nicki first gained major success. Many of them just talk about Cardi now its embarrassing. They always claim Cardi is copying Nicki, copying her lyrics, her style, saying that her music lacks content etc. and it just goes to show how things come full-circle. This is EXACTLY what Kim fans were doing (and still do) 6/7 years ago.

    1. It does appear that things are coming full circle, I will agree with that. I never liked the way Nicki did not seem to respect those who laid the path for her. I did like some of Nicki’s music, though. Cardi is so transparent as the machine you described her as…it baffles me how people can think she’s in anyway real and how black women can support her.

      One last thing, some of us try to be a little more conscious of what we consume. I don’t see why there can’t be conscious bangers on the female side to balance out the shit that glorifies CONSTANT conspicuous consumption, pussy that will transform your life, and self-proclamations of “I’m da best” while looking like you’re making Koreans and Tokyo Stylez rich (all them “Dolls”, “City Girls”, Cardi and the like). BUT, outside of this conversation, I keep my opinions to myself because I find most folk feel the way you do about rap music.

  2. Nicki is the more talented rapper (relative) and Cardi is…well, i dont want to offend. But how about we let go of BOTH women until they do better? There are other options in female rap (Rapsody, Leikeli47, for example) and in this age of streaming why let Viacom dictate what you listen to?

    1. Nobody cares about those women because they lack sex appeal. Its a double standard when it comes to female rappers. Lets keep it real, to be a successful female rapper in this generation, you will need to have sex appeal. Its the hard truth.

      Also Rapsody’s music isn’t palatable nor marketable. We like bangers, not listening to music that makes you “think” 24/7. The Rapsody archetypes will always have their own lane for those who like conscious music, however its just not what the mainstream are into.

      Notice all the other rap females on the come up with larger followings all have a hypersexualized look (Kash Doll, Dream Doll, Asian Doll etc.)

      Sex sells with women. Gone are the days when rappers like Missy Elliott (pre-social media) were killing the game.

  3. Nope. I can’t accept this.

    Have you gotten a glimpse at Nicki’s comment section? She’s getting bashed every second by thousands of people every day (mainly Cardi fans). So this excuse and sympathy claim is some bullshit.

    Cardi wants everything easy. She wants the throne easy. She wants the criticism easy. She’s not a student of rap and that’s what irritates me. She is a label produced rapper who is reaping every light-skin privilege from her character act. This is literally her first year and she’s already in talks to perform at the Super Bowl with Maroon 5? No one has had it that easy. Girls out here who live/die for their own written raps and would never get this exposure and paved way to easy success. That is what’s infuriating. Imagine your ass of at work only to lose out a promotion to someone who can make the boss laugh and doesn’t do 1/4 of the work you do.

    I call foul.

  4. Cardi…. the same chick that has referred to black women as roaches and dead black children as monkeys…. I cannot.

  5. Here’s my thing about Nicki…. she can’t win for losing if she embraces a new female rapper she’s accused of using them for clout, but if she doesn’t she’s accused of being a hater. Every song she puts out she gets accused of throwing shots at everybody Lil Kim, Remy, Cardi and more people are focused on subliminal that may or may not even be there. It’s like whatever she does isn’t good enough and there’s only so much a person can take. I feel like she just needs to take a break from every social media, music, radio and just focus on herself because people really aren’t going to appreciate her for the artist that she is until it’s too late.

    When it comes to Cardi…. I like her music but I don’t see her as a rapper she’s an entertainer and there’s nothing wrong with that but this push that’s behind her, in my opinion, is nothing more than a marketing ploy. People like her because she’s ‘relatable’ and ‘real’ but I feel like people are confusing real and ratchet. Cardi is talent and funny at ties don’t get me wrong but I have yet to see who Cardi really is through her music… maybe that’ll happen and I want both of them to win but it’s a case of the one trying to hard and getting nowhere (Nicki) and the one not trying at all and getting everything (Cardi). If that makes sense.

    1. lonewolf331

      Very accurate comment right here. Nicki’s at the point where she’s hated for anything she does. I even said it too, she needs to venture onto something else and chill on the music. People don’t appreciate things until they’re gone. The hate train isn’t even debatable at this point, the general public are over her. Its sad now because I remember in the early 2010s, any Nicki song had no problem peaking high and staying on the charts. Whereas now, she needs a popular feature to keep her charting. I’m not saying she’s innocent because I don’t believe she is. Hell, I don’t believe any major artist is innocent. They all pull strings behind the scenes, especially the men (but they never get called out for it). However the hate that she is receiving is hard to watch sometimes

      I see Cardi as an entertainer too. I don’t see her as a rapper however I’ll admit she has great stage presence IMO. I enjoy her performances. The Money song was boring IMO. But yes she is ratchet more so than real IMO

      1. Endless – I’m glad that someone else see that there is a Nicki Hate Train and clearly a push to get Nicki out of the music industry, you see it everywhere Radio, TV, Youtube, Social Media…. it’s like Nicki sneezes and she get called hysterical, petty, bitter, old, jealous, pretty much everything. Then you have people like Charlamagne who clearly doesn’t like Nicki and is the hardest Cardi pusher, like dude doesn’t even try to hide it anymore and then there’s Wendy Williams… who is obsessed with disliking Nicki. And I agree Nicki is far from innocent but this whole ‘stopping bags’ thing is getting ridiculous; if Nicki is threatening artist not to work with other female rappers why haven’t they named them especially Cardi and Remy since they’re ‘real’ and ‘not with that industry shyt’, the only persons who’s name I can think of is Future and he denied that it happened.

  6. Y’all really falling for this bullshit? Nicki has people, fans, and the media shitting on her too. Nicki has taken more damage, Cardi ain’t no victim.

    VH1, BET, MTV, all of them are owned by the same company that has been trying their hardest to promote Cardi and replace Nicki.

    Forget stanning. If anything I’m team #blackexcellence and it’s simple for me.
    –Cardi has never claimed being black until she started catching heat for it. She’s known for nasty treatment of black people. She’s gotten women jumped, harrassed a makeup artist, cussed out fans, and all kinds of stupid shit.
    –Nicki has claimed she’s black from the start, dated black men, has actual talent, never slandered or mistreated black women, paid off stundents’ tuition, and is vocal against body shaming thick girls.

    SIDE: This trailer for the movie Widow with Viola Davis looks so damn good. The same creator from Gone Girl too.

  7. They don’t like her. They just know she’s a fraud. She raps like she’s on Sesame Street. She is only here because the insiders want her here and are pushing her to be something spectacular when Dr. Seuess could flow better.

    What I will say is that she’s attractive. Honestly, both of them are unpleasant women but that Cardi has dignified classless demanor and she’s getting press for it like it’s cute and how Rap chicks are supposed to be.

    What they do is get folks used to these “characters” so they can build a following who end up liking them and then defending them like drones..they do this every generation. Only thing is, they characters keep getting lighter and lighter…😒

    I still call it like I did last year when they paired her and Bruno Mars together, the racially ambiguous duo. They know what they doing.

    They keep on..trying to dilute “things”..

    To bad we all may end up losing in the end.

  8. Cardi B., in ALL OF HER RATCHEDNESS, is a business woman. I don’t care for hip hop has become, so I don’t listen or buy. My opinion or anyone else’s has no effect on her succes. She turned herself into a brand to which average chicks can aspire. She knows when to talk and when to shut up. She has never tried to be anything other than a stripper that came up.

    While people out chea laying her out, catch this tea. How many of our fully Black celebs have trashed Colin Kaepernick for his protest, while Cardi B., a new artist that has made it known she loves money, turned down a Superbowl appearance until Kaep is hired. So, say what you will…..IJS

    1. Cardi is in talks to perform with Maroon 5….the “won’t perform until Colin is hired” comments are old. She’s ready for SuperBowl exposure.

    2. But she still is performing at the Bowl. Don’t believe the hype. She’s a marketing puppet. Not an activist.

  9. Both of them are draining. Cardi using her light skin privelege and claiming “black” to be down when it’s convenient. Cardi B is a terrible rapper. Her beats are what saves the songs. Nobody wants to actually hear her preschool rhymes. It’s not that every song has to be deep, but her songs are basic as heck and she doesn’t even right them. That Kindergarten “Be Careful” was written for her. My little niece could have written that.
    Nicki Minaj is insecure and showing it making such a big deal about sales. Beyonce would never. Who cares about the charts? Go on tour and have the highest selling tour.
    There are other female rappers to be excited about.

    It’s like how with comics people act like there’s only Marvel and DC. And they complain about representation. Those are the 2 with the most money.

    Same went for Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. There were other politicians running. Did anybody care or research them? Whoever has the most money can get the most promotion with their ads and get nominated.

    People who have a playlist dictated by the radio irritate me. There is actual talent out there. Cardi B should be an instagram comedian like LalaHasHandz or Jess Hilarious. She has no business doing rap music, period. Nicki Minaj either seeing as she’s unable to freestyle. Rap is more than hot beats. Are you an actual lyricist? Nope.

    I will say Cardi has good stage presence. Imagine if Beyonce or Rihanna fought at the Met Gala. Both of them should know what being classy and unbothered is. Rihanna can’t sing a lick, but showed everyone her business prowess with Fenty Beauty and her other endeavors. Why don’t these minority celebrities with opportunity take advantage of it and chase the bag and be quiet? They rarely speak up when it matters anyway. Kim Freaking Kardashian is spearheading prison reform. That’s saying something.

    I wish I would have such a platform and give someone free promo. I’d be “I’m not familiar with their work” in interviews and keep it moving.

    1. her songs are basic as heck and she doesn’t even write them. Autocorrect tried it.

      And Nicki is reaping all she sowed with Little Kim.

    2. I’m sick of this colorism bullshit! Nicki’s not that dark in fact she clearly bleaches her skin to look lighter. Cardi’s on top cause she has great songs & a great personality unlike Nicki. A queen never has to tell people they’re a queen!

      1. Stay sick. I’ll hold your scalp back while you vomit in the toilet. Nicki was brownskin and has gotten considerably lighter. However Cardi is more palatable and racially ambiguous. She’s 100% Latina yet claims Black when she wants urban dollars and says the N-word. Ashanti’s lightskin and J Lo stole her entire musical flow.

        The fact that you brought up Nicki shows you are aware of colorism. Remy will never reach Nicki’s success.

        I’m willing to bet you’re dark-skinned.

        1. Carlton I have to agree with you. I think Cardi is 100% Dominican and that story about her mother being from Trinidad is a fairytale. After taking a closer look at Cardi I notice she tends to always feud with pretty black women like Asia (L&HHH), Nicki and Black Swan (make-up artist). Dominicans from the Bronx tend to have a superiority complex when it comes to black people and I think Cardi is one of them. The fact that she takes black dick doesn’t mean shit.

          1. My problem with Kevin is I didn’t even compare Cardi and Nicki with colorism.

            A dark-skinned rapper could not get away with what Cardi has. I really thought her career would be over after that fight with excuses of “See what happens when we give them a sear at the table?”

            She is what people who don’t deal with Black people will assume we’re like.

            And unfortunately yes, there is an inferiority complex with Blacks in Latin America. Especially in DR.

            I am not threatened by Cardi. I just want her to claim Latina. Black people try to claim everyone who doesn’t have our struggle.

            Paris Jackson is Black? Halsey is Black? Megan Markle is Black? It makes us look desperate.

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