tanksnlove is getting his ass into something other than onlyfans?

i’m all for people getting their lives together.
from the residue of the panny,
dating woes,
and generational curses,
we have a lot to fix.
many use attention whoring,
and drugs to try and put a mask over their issues.
onlyfans attentionisto,
seems like one of those types who is allegedly trying to get his life together.
this is what a foxholer sent me today…


is that how much rehab goes for these days?
i need to see it in action because most addicts tend to be liars.

i’m gonna font something controversial:

Some of these folks aren’t mentally strong for the many flexes they find themselves in.

sex work is all cute until someone is addicted to drugs.
some gay jackals will cheer you on for ratchet shit and drop your ass when you can’t deliver.
the applause is addictive and we do more to keep folks cheering for us.
the issue is many of them aren’t built ford tough to avoid the pitfalls.

tanksnlove comes off like one of those types.
look at the cost since the cheering has died down.

i’ve seen so many people in real life fall victim to chasing popularity.
wolves locked up for selling drugs and scamming.
vixens becoming hoes and ran through.
gay males realizing they can’t party and fuck forever.
those types didn’t know how to maneuver because they let the instafame get to their heads.
you see it happening with celebs too.
you see how many of them start doing too much for fame.
there is always a bad side to everything we do.
your boring ass life will keep you out of trouble.

lowkey: i think everyone should watch “requiem for a dream“.


that movie scared tf outta me.
it is the most unsettling movie i have ever seen.
it was one of marlon wayans best-acting roles.

12 thoughts on “tanksnlove is getting his ass into something other than onlyfans?

  1. The gag is, who’s to say he is referring to himself. He might be talking about somebody else. We can’t assume he is talking about himself because that status doesn’t say much. People post statuses talking about other people

  2. I believe that $18,000 is a correct amount. Like someone else said he probably didn’t have insurance. Praying that he get the strength to beat whatever issues he is having. I think he will if he set his mind to do it!!

  3. There’s a difference between doing sex work and doing cocaine. With that being said, cocaine has become normalized among black gays, especially dudes in sex work.

    Some really only do it recreationally, but it can be disastrous if you’re prone to addiction anyway.

  4. I was gonna say Tank should apply for Medicaid but he resides in Georgia so that isn’t happening. I hope he gets the help he deserves

  5. According to Rehabs.com, standard inpatient addiction treatment facilities cost between 14K-27K for a 30 day program.

  6. Depends on the rehab and where it is. Rehab ain’t cheap but it seems like he’s going to one of the more expensive ones. Also idk where he lives but that might factor in to what a “high-end” facility can get away with charging. But you right, that’s waaaaay too much money. And not everyone was built for the spotlight. The pressure that comes with it can be just as intense as the addiction to it. I always say that “Hollywood” by Jay-Z is such an applicable song for many people today. Chasing fame and popularity can be the end of you but it can also take over your life.

    1. ^word!

      sometimes boring takes you farther.
      i’ve seen a lot and been around many perspectives of popularity.
      you gotta be really strategic.

      1. It could cost that much, depending on where he went and if he had insurance or not.

        As you all know, medical expenses (therapy, rehab, medication, etc.) ain’t cheap…at all!
        Shyt, I had an MRI done on my arm and the price for that had me shook, even though I had insurance that covered it! LOL

        It’s possible he could very well be lying, but again it depends on where he did his rehab.

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