Yeast-I-Stat (For Him)

tumblr_ls9gbrSuGe1qg39ewo1_500i am a loaf of fuckin’ bread.
so i took another shower earlier.

that would bring it to two.
will we make it three later?
i don’t play.
i wanted to be so fresh and so clean on my way to gnc.
the advice about the probiotics from thad really stuck with me.
before i left,
i did a quick prayer.
i said,
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Not Feelin’ The Funk

tumblr_mhb1uwX9eH1rbr986o1_500so i said when i started this site,
i was going to be honest about things i go through.
i would never out anyone i was dating/fuckin’,
but my struggles was up for grabs.
if you gonna love me,
you gotta love ALL OF ME as well.
the good.
the bad.
the ugly.
the funky?
since a majority of men lurk in the foxhole,
there are some things we DON’T talk about that we should.
plus i never know who is suffering in silence,
needs their “a ha” moment,
or should be aware for future sake.
now before i get into this entry,
i need to put up a disclaimer:

i am a very clean person
i am not sexually active at the moment

okay cool.
i am also prepared to be judged,
but it’s whatever.
don’t judge me like things can’t happen to you as well.
so lets get into it…
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