Don’t Judge A Work Wolf By His Cover

b435fee6b4f3136701c9f409a5db0b4dya know what ive realized?
getting to know someone intimately gives you all the answers.
you think you have a clue from being on the inside out,
or have an idea of what the person is putting out there,
but it really takes conversing with the person to get your answers.
this is how i learned work wolf
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The Texts That Stopped The World

tumblr_mpupzsRMTN1rwe56eo1_1280my boss was in meetings all day.
my liar liar was not in the office.
my mind was somewhere else today.
i felt sad or something.
its the process
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Adrian Peterson’s Mug Shot Makes Me Laugh

BxaynYNIUAAI6WHremember when your parents use to say:


well adrian peterson’s latest mugshot screams…

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“What An Asshole!”

you ever talked to a wolf that had a real stink attitude?
like i mean super stank?
he may have been cute,
but all you can remember about him was: “what an asshole!”.
well meet ^the snow jackal who allegedly talked to michael sam back in the day.
he also leaked a snippet of their text convos.
look at how he allegedly remembers michael sam…

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You Will Not Lie and Say You Banged Dez Bryant With A Strap On

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 7.34.33 PM

dez bryant is not happy camper.
hell i’m not.
i always pictured dez as some dick slangin’ super hero.
some groupie twitter account alleged she used a strap on dez.
or that he wanted it done in the near future.
check these tweets from their alleged sext episode…

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f0xmail: The Tumblr Attention Whore I Fell For Don’t Text Me No Mo! Help!


Dear Jamari,  

  I was talking to this guy on tumblr and we had this instant attention for each other. We were texting and messaging each other everyday, but one day he stop texting and writing to me. I guess you can say he is kinda an attention whore on tumblr plus he has a webcam show. But anyway I knew it wrong for me to fall for a guy over in the internet, but I couldn’t help myself and now I am having a hard getting over him. How can I forget about him?


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