Sex With Me (In The Movie Theater) Is Ah-Mah-Zing

tumblr_n1gof6sucg1r2idzvo1_1280now i’m no saint.
jamari fox ain’t claiming to be no saint in these here woods.
i saw this video a foxholer sent me and i had two reactions.

“omg i can’t…”


“i’d try it with my wolf”

what was the video,
you asking?
it’s titled: “sex inside a movie theater”.
the verdict is out if it’s “a vixen on wolf”,
or “a fox on wolf”,
but check it out.


now go…
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f0xmail: Can I Have Friends Who Aren’t Trying To Smash?



Hey Jamari…

I  hope all is well. I haven’t “checked in” in some time now. I am still a loyal reader. Keep up the good work as always . So I wanted your views on something : Are platonic relationships in this lifestyle a thing of the past? I am a discreet bi wolf. I have the hardest time having/keeping LGBT friends.  When they find out about me  they want that FWB situation. They give that “I always had a crush on you” speech or switch up. I only share with them in hopes of our friendship growing stronger. It never works out. I strive for the bond you have with starfox (bonds are forever). I lost a childhood friend through something petty. No real reason. You know one of those “I’m making this a big deal but it’s really something else” situations. I felt it was truly due to the fact I was not into him that way. Upon telling him I was bi he switched up. He started acting more like we were dating. My then childhood friend once said to me “you’re a guys “guy” like the one everyone would want”. I did not know how to take that. I still don’t know. After him it all was the same if I shared. Only decent lgbt “friends” I’ve had are dudes I once messed with. But that never last for obvious reasons. I feel like their advice is always bias because of the past we shared. But back to the question : Are platonic relationships in this lifestyle a thing of the past? Or is it just me? Thanks in advance.

Thank you,


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Dwayne McKell Has Leakage For Our Review

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 7.30.35 PMdwayne mckell has done what most attentionistos need to do.
he hasn’t given his life to Christ.
that would be no fun.
instead of leaking a dick pic


dwayne has some alleged leakage he wants us to see.
the following is:


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I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (43)


you know…
i’m all about doing hoodrat shit for the wolves to notice.
well somethings…
when you outside on a chair smashin’ a dildo tho…
well that is the following video.
this is…

for for the straights unless curious

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He Beat My Cootie Cat To The White Meat (He Isn’t On The DL)

r3everyone wants to know who is on “the dl”.
you know that always makes for exciting convo.
i find:

a) the dl and their triflin’ ways
b) the dl celebs/baller wolves and their triflin’ ways
c) the dl of being broke as hell and its triflin’ ways

well “c” not so much,
but the first two are always a great start to a debate
(or a wolf/fox/hyrbid hunt).
i was having an exciting convo with a home-vixen of mine today.
she was telling me her thoughts on the dl animals and well…
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f0xmail: I Think My Homeboy Wants to Smash Me. Help!?


Sup Jamari,

First, I really dig your blog man. You keep the content fresh, hot and relevant. But the purposr for my writing is about a great friend of mine which I consider to be like a brother to me.

Him and I are really close. We have an amazing friendship however over the last year or so there has been this different level of attraction and relationship going on between us.

Truth is I’m very curious about exploring sex with another guy and so I’ve been feeding that desire with porn. Just something about two niggas sexing that is hot to me. I’ve never engaged in it but I’m hella curious.

My friend has been saying and doing things that makes me think he’s curious too. He doesn’t know that I am. But he often talks to me about how big his ass is or references to how big his dick is. We talk about fucking our girls and about porn all the time and he mentions how big the dudes dicks are in the movie.

One night he came over and the room was hella tense. He kept staring at me while grabbing his dick but I would play it off like I didn’t see him.

Another time we were together and he had changed his clothes. Well he stripped down to his drawls in front of me and was walking around like everything was cool. Which btw he wasnt lying about his dick. Lmao. It actually looked semi-hard too. I noticed him look down at my crouch when I stood up I guess to see if I was hard or not. But I just ignored it.

He’ll do things like make smart comments about beating his dick or me beating mine. We’ll talk about gay niggas etc and have had some convo about if head from a dude is better than a chick although neither of us have done it.

He’ll tell me how much he missed me if we didn’t talk in a min or he’ll reference us going out as a “date”. my dilemma is I don’t know what to do with all of this. He has a girl  and I have a girl too but I often think about sucking him off and letting him bang me out. Did I mention he had a fat ass too.

I don’t want to make a move and regret it and lose a great friend but it seems like he’s dropping clues left and right that he wants to get down……what should I do???


and not for the straights)

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