How We Hurt Others and Not Even Realize It

tumblr_ms0fkcmGBu1sumrm9o1_500that feeling when…
someone you were once cool with
someone you had a bond with
someone you thought was different than the rest
leaves your life with no explanation.
not only that,
but they act like you don’t exist to them anymore.

they turn their head as you walk by
tries to avoid you
suddenly becoming distant and closed off

they hold what you did wrong as their own secret.
no way can you even explain yourself or even fix the issue.
everything is left unsaid.

that is my relationship with work wolf as of this moment.
it would be better if i didn’t have to see him everyday.
the silent treatment brings back many memories for me…
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f0xmail: My Ex Has Blocked Me On Everything! Help!


Oh my gosh Jamari 😩😩😩😩 I’m literally going through this experience at school. I attend this HBCU and I have been dating him since school started, we broke up beginning of last week, and we were still “friends” and still cool, at least according to him. Then Thursday afternoon everything changed for some reason, he’s not talking to me anymore, I gave him 2 days to his self and I went out drinking, and I unfortunately fell victim to the drunk texting scandal, mainly because he was watching all of my snaps, so I sent him a snap. No response. Called him. No answer. A text. He read it 30 minutes after and didn’t reply, I leave the situation alone, the next day I text him to find out I’m on the block list… Well today, I see him in the café at school with his friends and they sit in my line of view purposefully I’m guessing, one of his friends knew about us and the other one didn’t, he is kind of in the closet still, and for some reason he finally decides to unfollow me on Instagram, now keep in mind it’s been like 4 days since he blocked me but yet he still watches everything I do on snapchat.i was there for him when he was depressed and having bad thoughts. And when he didn’t have any money I supported our relationship, buying him stuff, paying for our dates and food. I was even there when he thought he contracted hiv from an ex. I still love him even though he’s being a total ass. I’ve been having thoughts of popping up on his ass.

What do I do? 

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Gimmie An “S”! (For Silent Treatment!)

78989952_huge_wolf_by_picturebypalid491pb2its funny how you can blame yourself when things go wrong.
blame yourself for things that wasn’t really your fault.
it takes two to tango.
so what do you do?
you dissect a situation,
obsessive about it every minute,
and try to find the fault in your behavior.
the “could have been” and “what is” mind fucks.
when in actuality,
the other person is just as wrong.
they chose to ignore their part in the fuck shit.
so they are giving you the silent treatment for no reason at al.
i guess i’m realizing that is work wolf’s strategy in fall outs?
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