Laverne Cox: How To Ruin Your Career in 60 Seconds?

Screen-Shot-2014-01-13-at-7.56.47-AM…and the backlash has begun.
so laverne cox aka sophia from orange is the new black has apparently lost her mind.
yeah i said it.
laverne decided to bring awareness to a very weird cause.
well to a fellow transsexual who is currently in jail.
ima need you to check out what it was exactly…
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A Boy, Born A Girl, Named Laverne?

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 8.57.13 AMso before i start,
i just have to say that i like sophia on “orange is the new black”.
i believe that is who laverne cox,
the actress who plays sophia,
really is.
well laverne,
as you should know,
is transgender.
she appeared on “cbs this morning” and had to correct oprah’s bestie,
gayle king,
about how felt she was born real quick.
this is what was said…

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V0915_OITNB-S2_BusShelter_67x45_5_Cemusa_NY_VeeI HATE THIS WOMAN.
i hated how she talked.
that slick way of trying to be passive aggressive.
like chick you gon’ be trying to cut my throat or nah!
UGH.the bad part is there are people out there like her.
bullies + manipulators.
plus she was a part time pedophile,
but thats whole another story.
so she is a sociopath?
i don’t know what her “type” is.
i had to wonder while watching tho…
(spoiler city underneath the break)…
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“Eye Candy” Is The New Black

Bk9nXWKCAAE5_1a.jpg-largei will try to keep “ratchet jamari” contained.
i can’t make any promises.
so foxhole and vixens i’ve been sitting,
or laying,
while binge watching my new fav show,
“orange is the new black”.
i’m onto the second season and i’m completely hooked.
i’m like a crackhead.
thinking about it damn near all the time.
wanting to watch it at work.
a mess i am!
anyway as i’m watching,
while mindin’ my own business,
ive noticed a couple pieces of eye candy in some episodes.
all speaking roles and all kinda good looking
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