Omarion Has A Platter of Bunz For His New Video

omarion aka o-cakes best feature is his tail.
you know this.
i know this.
he even knows this.
i guess this is why for his new music video,
“bdy on me”,
he is showing off his tail for foxhole review.
and in jeans with no drawz on…
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Being Gay Is Popular Right Now

6398_omarion.ogwell i didn’t say it.
o-cakes did.
can i just i love his haircut?
okay sorry.
so omarion aka o-cakes got stopped by a tmz reporter to discuss,
and what else,
but the new storyline with milan christopher on “lhhh”.
as you know,
or maybe didn’t read the foxhole yesterday,
but milan accused him (and others) of not filming with him because he is gay.
omarion clearly didn’t get that memo.
well look what he said via tmz
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So Omarion Has “O-Cakes” and “O-Pipe”?

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 8.02.53 PMwell we are use to omarion for his “o-cakes”,
but was he trying to put his bid in for #eggplantfriday?
a f-bi had to update me on this scoop.
he posted the following on friday and i think…
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Daddy, Lets Take Our Ratchet Love To Hollywood

love-hip-hop-hollywoodi felt it was like a train wreck that i couldn’t turn away from…
was i the only one who felt this way?
so tonight,
“love and hiphop hollywood” premiered.
this show is one a whole new level of ratchet,
but i have a quick breakdown
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Who Wants To Go To Hollywood?

I+Love+Lucy+Hollywood+at+Lastwell if you thought mona scott young was gonna turn down,
you obviously bumped your head and didn’t realize it.
there is a “love and hiphop: hollywood” on the way.
the cast?…
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