mental homework (4)

So I was turned out mentally by this comment Killa left Saturday.
It can basically be added onto the entry I just wrote below.
He left it under the epic entry: How To Have Premium Pussy (Without The Pussy)

Check to see what he said…

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The True Full Blowing of Your Back Out

Have you ever been fucked in an alley?

How about a parked car on the side of the road?
What about some anonymous stranger walking into your hotel room?
Maybe even a hook up in a sex shop?
Have you ever been fucked to the point you were begging for mercy?
By , two or three different Wolves?

This lifestyle can have interesting ways for a Fox to get… fucked.
But, is that all we are nowadays?
In straight relationships, the alleged correct order is DATE then FUCK.
In gay relationships, it is HEAD, FUCK, then FUCK some more.

Are we just human blow up dolls?

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