Cleaning Out Your Insides

i have been feeling like the sun as of late.
you can see my glow from the smallest crevice.
it has been a different feeling being in my own fur lately.
i’m not in a place of “wanting” or “needing” anyone.
i’m just “here” in this moment of me.
the abundance of trash i had in my life is gone.
i’ve stopped being an emotionally hoarder.
i’ve been making my own rules.
my honest advice is…
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Tameka “Tiny” Harris Gets A Glo Up!

when you leave a bad job,
a triflin ass wolf,
or a toxic situation in general,
it’s almost like a ton of stress is taken off your shoulders.
it’s like your weight comes back,
your skin clears up,
and you get that “got rid of a fuck boi/job/life” glow.
tameka “tiny” harris is the perfect example of that.
look at tiny in this recent video the shade room posted
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Don’t Judge a Fox by His Girl Jeans


remember him?
his name was devin j.
well he was in the nba baller wolf,
norris cole,
scandal a couple years ago.

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an f-bi sent me an update of what the he allegedly looks like now.
everyone meet the devin jourdun.
brace yourself…
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Justin Moore Is Packin’ More Meat In His New Bawdy

screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-3-28-49-pmevery one meet justin moore.
he is a musician,
was on mary mary’s reality show,
and dated their sister goo goo.
well he use to “okay”,
but now he is on his “glo up”.
an f-bi sent me some pictures/videos and well...
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