Work Sucks (What’s New?)

124269-Im-Just-Tiredit has been “hell week” for me.
between my home and work,
i have no peace.
work tho…
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I feel like I should be wearing some big glasses,
moving my head back and forth,
wearing all black,
and singing hood anthems…

a la…

It’s that wonderful period in my life again.
One that seems tougher than the past.
Now, a Fox has been:

Homelessness, sleeping on couches, broke, jobless, loneliness…
Not to mention betrayed, talked about, used and thrown to the side…

A Fox has been through the ends and outs.
God has blessed me so much these last few years that I could never complain.
But, I seem to be in a slump these last few months.
Nothing seems to be going where I want it to go.

Am I being ungrateful?

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Fox = Busy Bee?

I feel like my legs are about to fall off.


This has been the busiest couple weeks ever. It started off smooth and then lift off – I was in a cloud. It’s all good because I asked for this + I wanted to make my return worth it + bills got to be paid and people got to be met.

I need a massage. Prefebly from a Wolf with a big dick and big hands. Scoop all this up and do what he must to help me experience some pleasure (or a slim shawty with a big dick. I’m not picky lol)

I. hope all my Foxes are doing well and making themselves busy also.

Can’t stop; won’t stop…