Work Sucks (What’s New?)

124269-Im-Just-Tiredit has been “hell week” for me.
between my home and work,
i have no peace.
work tho…

so liar liar decided she was going to take a vacation.
the problem is we are already short staffed in my department.
its literally just three of us right now.

liar liar
new vixen

so she goes on her vacation,
doesn’t get a temp to come in,
and i was literally stuck.
some days i didn’t get a break.
one day i got no break or lunch.
other days i had to lower my lunch time.
all days i had to leave much later than usual.
i come home and literally wipe out.
fox completely down.
last night i was in the middle of posting and fell asleep.
just knocked out with no warning.
i missed all my shows,
especially “how to get away with murder”,
because i woke up after midnight.

4PAFDtoday i had an attitude because yesterday shoulda been friday.
i know.
i’m exhausted.
please forgive me for lack of posts.
i’m trying to get it together for the long weekend ahead.

4 thoughts on “Work Sucks (What’s New?)

  1. Damn I am sorry that you are going thru this mess, but what a fucking bitch. Can’t you take a vacation after he, I mean she, comes back?

  2. No apologies need to be given when there is nothing to apologize for. Taking care of yourself should always be #1 on your list of priorities. I’m concerned for your physical and mental health, try to relax this weekend. You will post once you are up to it, we can wait.

    Now with that being said, you missed htgawm? Nooooo! Viola was acting all her make-up and her butt off. They taking Annaliese in an interesting direction and I’ma need you to see it and let me know what you think. Get your rest J, then take off work and binge watch htgawm (jk)

  3. I don’t know the whole history/relationship with Mi, but I’ll be damned if I can’t have peace in my own home. Maybe y’all need to have a talk.

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