All The DL Wolves Love Me

last night,
i went out with the pretty vixen and a wolf we both know.
i met them down the city at a happy hour spot.
at the end of the night,
the pretty vixen sent me a text saying:

“you attract a lot of dl everything”

i am starting to see it nowadays
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In A World Where The Kings Are On The DL…

Now, I am all for jump off sex with a DL Wolf.

They are NOT for cuffing purposes PERIOD.
This is where some of ya’ll go terribly wrong.
You get a nice stiff penis from a man, or trade as they call it.

You call him over in the late night hour,
fuck him all kinds of stupid,
and then send him home until you need some more penis.
They even make great test subjects to practice giving head on.
Might I add, they are also the biggest tricks.
It is NOTHING to get them to pay a bill or buy you dinner.

But, DL Wolves have an issue about them that make them more annoying…
I’m here to teach them how to keep being sexy….

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I’m Gonna Tell You A Secret… Then I Want You To Tell Everyone, Okay?

DL Wolves are so interesting to observe in public settings.
Especially when you know all of their business…

As much as these boys play DL, someone talks.
Whether it is to say:

“Damn he fucked me so stupid.”

“He played me and now I’m telling everyone.”

“Um, everyone had that.”

or my favorite:

“He is messy. Don’t why he is playing DL when everyone knows.”

People pretty much will tell your business with no questions ask.
And, especially if you are fine as hell or someone who needs to be fucked.


But, how do you avoid having your business put on front street?
Do we park it a no talking area?
Do we just walk with it and try to duck between as many people as we can?
Or, do we keep our cars parked and stay the hell home?

Got me wondering about when it comes to people talking…

Can we really avoid being gossiped about?

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