Hooked, Lined, and Crushed

tumblr_n8sltuTsp41sjnivto1_500god has a funny sense of humor.
he can also be SUCCCCHHH an asshole as well.
the universe,
or whatever you believe in.
“your prototype” will be placed in your life.
your “straight” prototype.
well maybe.
he hooked,
and reeled you in with “something”.
its not like we have a lot of choices within this world.
this life we live isn’t exactly a dating mecca.
we aren’t vixens where they can get it easier.
we have to cross our fingers on hook ups and fast life styles.
ultimately between the random booty calls,
this “prototype” still has a special place in your heart.
even if you only see him for a few seconds,
it feels like a million moments.
yes my friend.
you crushed with your emotions.
the most dangerous way to “crush”.
i had to wonder…

…and how exactly do you stop that?
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C.R.U.S.H.E.D: The Untold Stories


We all have crushes.

I will admit, I had a BIG crush on Devin Thomas.
Lately, I have been crushed.
He sort of disappointed me.
I don’t know why, but I am sorta over it.
He seems to NOT be the Wolf I imagined he would be.
I wouldn’t turn down a fuck fest weekend with him,
but after that eyebrow incident and his crazy rant on Twitter,
something sorta turned me off.

Downgraded from That’s Daddy Right There to Dick Dealer Status.

See how I did that there?

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