Strapped Up All-Stars

I dunno…

I like ballers, Lord knows I do…

But NBA players don’t give me the UMPH that NFL players do.
I mean their resumes fit my qualifications…

BIG DICKED (don’t ask how I know)

…. but they just seem to be missing something…

Anyway, the Allstar game in Los Angeles is just around the corner
and some of our favorite ballers are already strapped up…

… in their uniforms for their starter pictures.

Amare Stoudemire (He just drips sex, ino)

Carmelo Anthony

Chris Paul

Derrick Rose (I would let him SLAM DUNK me til I cried)

Kevin Durant (whats with all the acne???)

Dwayne Wade

Dwight Howard (Too goofy to f*ck)

Kobe Bryant

Lebron James (Hey Daddy?)


Some I’d slam dunk.

Others, I’d just slam.

How much hoes with be dribbling their balls come February 20?
Maybe Jamari will make an appearance?
I only request VIP seating and travel.

Stay tuned…

4 thoughts on “Strapped Up All-Stars

  1. I’d fvck Chris Paul all day…grab on those ears while hitting it from the back. Dwayne & Dwight could get it too; Lebron just to say I did lol

    Derrick would, but he definitely gives me fellow wolf vibes…like we’d have to wrestle for it or some ish…

  2. Ur right…there’s not too many fuckable NBA players. John Wall, Derrick Rose, Brandon Roy, Rajon Rondo, Monta Ellis & Blake Griffin can all get it tho. But most of them are lanky and awkwardly built. COLLEGE ballers on the other hand…

  3. one in your pictures is down big time and has been after one of his teammates side pieces……. your guess is ?????

  4. He could get it… he could get it… he could get it… he could get it…. No ma’am… Eh? Sure… Too goofy to fuck? Yeah right! He could get it… eh? isn’t he a rapist?… aaannddd… he could get it.

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