You Straight (Until The Foxhole Proves You Gay)


so i always get asked this question:

“Why do you always say someone is straight in your entries?”

just the other day,
a foxholer asked me,
but i had so much going on that i forgot to answer.
well here is my answer

i have had a few attentionistos and baller wolves hit me up in the past.
they were big mad.
not even little mad.
well they thought by being featured on my site,
the animals would assume they were gay.
now i know what you are thinking:

Insecure much?

well i agree,
but to save the drama,
i just put “straight” as default.
until someone is proven gay/bi/tri,
i won’t put a default disclaimer.
even if the animal is in the life,
but discreet,
it’s still a level of respect for their sexuality.
some don’t want the spotlight or a parade of hot ’n’ horny dms.

Is that wrong?

i want to be able to gawk at the wolves i think are fine,
but still keep boundaries on whatever life they live.
that is until they are in my privates.
take that how you will.
i hope that helps anyone who wondered or questioned why i do it.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “You Straight (Until The Foxhole Proves You Gay)”

  1. You shouldn’t have to defend yourself on this. It’s important to draw boundaries so you or anyone else get into any trouble.

  2. As you said its done out of respect and if some attentionisoto wants to come side ways it can be seen that you’re not assuming they are anything but the perceived straight.

    Hell the only time a wolf or fox’s sexuality and been questioned on here is when a foxholder has brought legit receipts.

    1. ^right!
      hell there are some who are discreet and i still put straight.
      you saw how I handled kellon until he posted the picture with who he is with.

  3. Yea, they were always worried about how being featured on your blog would ruin their brand. What brand? Most of the ones that were complaining are doing absolutely nothing right this moment.

  4. I just think that it’s unnecessary. If they have a problem being featured here, then they shouldn’t be featured. At the end of the day, you’re only extending their brand and bringing attention to them that they wouldn’t otherwise get.

    The gays support. If these attentionistos aren’t willing to be featured here without a disclaimer, then they don’t deserve our attention nor our business. IJS.

  5. I have issues w/ some aspects of BLM or their rhetoric rather, but obviously not for the ignant reasons stated above…basically, there’s idiots on both sides of this discussion, and sadly they tend to have the loudest voices of them all, smdh

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