Spoiled Meat on Twitter


I need your attention real quick.
I need you to stop what you are doing and read this verbatim.

Just look at this shit from my Twitter just now.

Now I did not ask him to use his image.
I will agree that was a “no”.


But I sent him a message saying I featured him on my blog
and how I may have to feature him again with the new shot he had up.
How are you going to be half naked but then shout that I “insulted” him?
Isn’t that an oxymoron of some sort?
Where is the insult in featuring a gorgeous man?
I hate men who act like women.
Just stop the madness.

That is like a female wearing provocative clothing and not expecting men to make comments.
If you want to show off your body, do so, but do not expect people to not be sexually interested in you.
The first thing any red-blooded man (or woman) would want to do is jump his bones.

I don’t see bible scriptures on his wall so I’m assuming some kind of insecurity.
Definitely not Wolf or Fox material.
He is just looking for followers (to add to his 1,000+) and being half naked in the process.
His personality is probably a snoozer.
So much so, “can we just get to the fucking aspect of this programming?

He should have been honored I threw him up on my blog.
I have a trained eye for sexy ass dudes and I spotted his corny ass.
You may have gotten some new followers just being on here, but, whatever.

… and get this, he has mostly MALE followers.

I rest my case.
His revenge was to block me.
LOL – bye bye.

This is a memo…. 

If you can’t handle looking like a ho,
DON’T send the message across you maybe one.


4 thoughts on “Spoiled Meat on Twitter

  1. Its funny i know this dude and hes really cool as far as im concerned and i see on both sides your displeased with each others action but its really not that serious as long as your credited for the pic it should be no problem

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