solange is about to shake the table

so solange is COMING.
that’s the tweet i saw with these two pictures underneath:

i was like….
oh ok then solange!
she had me under her spell with her last album,
“seat at the table”.
i guess since she found a seat,
she is about to shake it.
she even brought back a blast from the past

black planet,
i remember meeting some cute wolves from off there.
star fox schooled me on that:

“if you see no sexual orientation on their profile,
send them a message.”

98% of the time,
it worked.
i also saw these teaser pictures as well:

this might be an unpopular opinion,
but i feel solange is more of a visionary than her sister.
don’t get me wrong,
the visuals for “lemonade” were amazing,
but i didn’t get the same energy from the album.
solange comes with a different mood with her projects.
i’ve pretty much been a fan of every one,
except the first one.
it didn’t feel like “her”,
if that makes any sense.
again: unpopular opinion.
i’m ready for whatever she is planning on bringing.
i hope she brings it by the time i wake up tomorrow.

lowkey: i remember star fox and i being on the school computer,
hunting meat on black planet.
i didn’t even it was still a thing.
whats next?

head over to: black planet

9 thoughts on “solange is about to shake the table

  1. Well hate to disappoint you but THAT IS NOT SOLANGE ON THE POLE. Lol

    Solans is also never “Thotting” she always keep it very artsy.

    She and her husband work on the visuals and one of my best friends is her stylist on her new project.

    He said she is super cheap down to ordering clothings for her shoot online herself. Like she googled the cheapest shoes or clothes and orders them in bulk. She also feeds her dancers peanut butter and jelly.

    When he told me that I was like…eh…okay I don’t understand but maybe she wants to stay on budget. She isn’t crazy successful like her sister and she seems like someone who wants to make her own money and be independent and never ask nobody for nothing.

    Beyoncé says she has begged her many times to do a song with her but solangr always says no.

    I get what you mean about Lemonade; beyonce’s Visuals never really match her music. I feel like the visuals enhance her artistry but listening to the songs without watching the visuals is always like meh…this is okay.

    You can definitely see solange’s influence all over lemonade; Beyoncé was never into the New Orleans world creatively but solange actually lives there so she was definitely on set during filming of lemonade, she’s actually very involved in beyonce’s Visuals including Ape shit.

    Anyway solange to me is also someone whose music doesn’t make you feel it until you watch her amazing visuals which makes me wonder the types of artists she and her sister should be considered.

    Visual artists?

  2. Unpopular opinion or not, I’m not digging this look for her. She’s way too much of classy female to be thoting on a pole with her legs popped open. Wtf is really going on with music? I know lil Kim was risque but now…you have musicians riding off nothing but sex. I always thought Solange was more of the refined but don’t disrespect me type. Never knew she even did stuff like that.

    I really assumed she was more like Corrine Bailey Rae blended with some other standout. 🤨

    In any case. I always liked her seemingly confident I’m not anyone’s shadow demeanor.

      1. I hope so. I get pissed of Everytime I see females acting like prostitutes just to get recognition and when the industry is tired of them, throw them in the trash.

        I have lots of respect for Rhianna now.

        1. I feel you on that one Jammy. That’s one of the things that bothers me about Ciara.

          She’s talented, but she always acting like she’s performing in a strip club. She can dance her ass off, yet it’s always the grinding and stripper moves. Maybe that’s why she hasn’t really blown up like she could’ve. There were many opportunities for her to snatch the crown, so to speak, but it never happened.

          Same thing with Nicki Minaj. It was all about tits and ass with her. How is anyone supposed to take you seriously when that’s all you’re promoting pretty much.

          Rihanna?! She was never like that. Lol

      2. I’d agree with you on that. Although what has Solange done that has topped Coachella pr lemonade?🤔 Then when you factor in who’s the better vocalist then Beyonce is definitely more polished and talented than her sis. Love your site. Keep up the good work

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