so they elected the new mayor of atlanta and well…

i was fully convinced that antonio brown,
city council not baller wolf,
was gonna become the next mayor of atlanta.
i thought the foxhole of the forests of atlanta were fully behind him.
everyone spoke so highly of him when he was mentioned in foxhole’s past.
they crowned the new mayor of atlanta last night and…

The City of Atlanta has a new mayor. Andre Dickens defeated Felicia Moore in Tuesday’s runoff election. Dickens will be come the 61st mayor of Atlanta.

The Associated Press called the race for Dickens just after 10:30 p.m. Tuesday.

It has been a remarkable run for Dickens, a current Atlanta City Councilman, who just more than a month ago was polling at 6 percent, well behind front runners Moore and former Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed.

A month before that, Dickens polled in fourth place behind Sharon Gay, and just ahead of fellow councilman Antonio Brown.

But then came Election Day. On Nov. 2, Dickens surged ahead of Reed late in the night and ended up securing his spot in Tuesday’s runoff by about 600 votes. But on that night, he was still trailing Moore by about 17 percent of the vote.

Over the next 28 days, Dickens was able to carry that momentum into an unlikely win and a job he says he’s been looking forward to since he was 16 years old.

are andre’s policies good?
it seemed andre was an underdog that had a steady momentum.
it bees like that tho.

What happens to Antonio now?

on amazing news,
stacey abrams will be running for the governor of atlanta in 2022.

i feel like everyone in atlanta is gonna vote for her.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “so they elected the new mayor of atlanta and well…”

  1. Stacey Abrams is coming back with a vengeance. I hear one of Kamala Top advisors is heading to Georgia to help aid in her victory. I read somewhere that T.I. helped Andre win the race by making lies about Felicia policies and that she released a video throwing shade at him about his sex allegations lmaooo

  2. If Georgia shows up the way we did in the presidential election Stacy absolutely wins. We’ve always had the numbers but the problem was voter turn out. The last election showed everybody what happens when we show up. That’s why the Georgia legislature enacted those harsh election restrictions. The republicans know that the only way they can win is to keep voter turn out low. Keep in mind that the rules in place before were written by Republicans but it didn’t work in their favor this time so they changed the rules….. That’s what the whites always do

      1. Definitely the scandal didn’t help, but I don’t think Antonio would’ve had the numbers anyways. Over 100,000 followers and he could only get under 6000 votes? I think all know why people follow him.

          1. Antonio is a known scammer and his big dick on the internet (you even have videos of him cruising (aka masturbating in a public bathroom)).

            And I highly doubt he’s is bisexual.

            More importantly, Atlanta politics do not happen on the Internet.

  3. I said 3 years ago that “STACEY ABRAMS is going to be our first “BLACK ” President “.

    [ No slight to Obama ]

    Genetically he is bi-racial . I always thought it was weird for people of mixed heritage to be forced to ignore the other half of their identity. This is another subject altogether

    I thought it was interesting that Biden did not Vet ,or consider her, but now I understand why . I never liked Kamala but was going to give her a chance because she was more qualified than Trump . (I just never like her personality and she seemed fake).

    Time is revealing that I was not too far off.

    1. How is someone who is mixed not black? That is just straight up racist af bullshit. Just because someone is half black doesn’t make them less black.Their black blood is still coursing through their entire body w/their white blood.That was a total slight to former President Obama & very disrespectful & hateful to boot. Feel free to join us & step into the 21st century & lose that racist BS thinking.

      1. Look I’m not going to go back in forth with you . Obama’s mother is White!!! Obama’s Father is Black . He is mixed!! That’s not racist .These are facts and my opinion that I can state her in the comment section.

        Why should he be forced to deny his mothers lineage? He is Black and White ( Not just “Black”)

        Now , he has every right to state his Identity as “Black” He has every right to identify as White or ‘ Mixed I don’t make the rules .

        Happy Holidays ( smile)

      2. How stating facts is racist ? Obama is a biracial man raised by white people. Black + white =/ black.
        This is not the 1800’s anymore, y’all be pandering to everyone that’s not fully white then complain about the erasure of AA in the media & cie (aka dark skin black women replaced by Latinas or light skin biracials in entertainment).

        1. Thank you Anoi.

          I am not “racist” and my comment wasn’t “racist”. ( if anything , I may be guilty of throwing a little shade.. ha ha ha ). I appreciate Obama and how he inspired many young Black men and women to see themselves in his success. I was happy and proud of his win and presidency.

          Its just we need to let the girls and boys who look like Stacey Abrams [ NON- Lite Skinned , Non Mixed and ambiguous looking ] sitting on the Thrones more. !!Smile

          You made a great point on how we as black people are not always represented rightfully and replace “.

          1. The very fact that you’d imply that Obama is not as black as Stacy Abrams & that she would be the 1st black president is racist as hell & so disrespectful to our former president. Why do you feel the need to even say that? You’re making a distinction based on race & saying Obama is less than black because he has a white mother. It’s sad you can’t even see your racism cloaked in colorism.The fact you are proud of Obama’s accomplishment of being president but put him down for not being black enough is mind boggling.

  4. He is fraudulent—why would he win?

    He should pull an Aaron Schock and get an Onlyfans because he has no future in politics.

  5. It’s about turns. Atlanta is a Bottoms city and aligned with Keisha Lance Bottoms. She didn’t enhance their lives, so now they’re trying to get a good Dickens down. Bottoms like a good Dickens and Antonio Brown looks too much like he’s running in the spirits of Bottoms.

    Dickens is dark and slim looking from the photo, that means it’s going to be a fun time for a number of Atlanta residents.

    1. Congratulations to Mayor-Elect Andre Dickens.

      Good Luck to Stacy Abrams on her gubernatorial run.

      I am proud of Antonio for being, I think, the first Black LGBTQ+ Atlanta City Councilman and for running for Mayor.I hope he will be found not guilty in his trial and will continue working a public servant or community activist/advocate in the future.

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