So That “Empire” Spin-off You All Wanted Is Happening

empire__metaimage_st_01so empire is going to have a spinoff!
lee daniels just announced it,
but guess what talented actress he hired first?
you’ll never guess…

thats right!
the trans-vixen with no prior acting experience but taking photos.
well according to tmz:

Amiyah Scott, the transgender woman who tried to get on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” is getting a bigger break now in Hollywood because she’s been cast in the “Empire” spin-off.

Amiyah didn’t make the ‘RHOA’ cut, but we’re told all the transgender ‘Housewife’ buzz got her a call from “Empire” creator Lee Daniels in late August asking to read for his new show.

Our production sources say Daniels loved Amiyah’s look and thought she’d be perfect for one of the singers in a girl group.

The spin-off is a prequel to “Empire,” showcasing a young Cookie Lyon. 

We’re assuming her look was more important than her acting chops … she’s never acted before, but she’s getting a crash course with some acting coach hot shots.

giphyi won’t even get into amiyah,
as i’m holding it all down my throat,
but does empire really need a spin off tho?
its only in it’s second season.
a season that was all over the place until the mid season finale.
i guess strike while the fire is hot?
lets hope the writers on that show pull it together.
i’m kinda not interested in a “cookie-prequel”,
but it may just be interesting.

lowkey: i guess transgenders will be replacing real vixens now?
you know when the media puts their claws in something,
they don’t let go until the public is sick of it.
like “the kardashians” or the “als ice bucket challenge”.
back to this spinoff…

i still play the wicked love interest to jamal in my head.
i’m not trying to be in it for 2 episodes tho.
“dora” was barely in it.

article taken: tmz

22 thoughts on “So That “Empire” Spin-off You All Wanted Is Happening

  1. Lee Daniels would be stupid to do a spin off. “Empire” is not as big as “Dallas” to create Knots Landing… telling my age, but he would be killing the brand nucleus with an early move. A prequel? So we would be watching Cookie at 40 on WED and Cookie at 21 on THURS. SPIN OUT LEE!

  2. i would have to see the actual product to judge but I really think lee needs to worry about making up the rest of this season good first. Like Jamari said it didn’t start getting good until the last episode.

    It doesn’t matter if the part is big or small it’s opening doors and breaking barriers. I don’t know if Mr. Daniels has an agenda or not and I don’t think it really matters. LGBT needs to be represented in tv and movies just like anyone else.

    1. “LGBT needs to be represented in tv and movies just like anyone else.”

      That’s the things, rather members of the general public accept it or not, there are many people who are able to relate to those LBGT characters. I think it all boils down to people not valuing the concerns of others.

      1. Nicely said. I’m pretty sure everyone has some sort of “agenda” so…
        It also comes down to the fact that mainstream representation (as in consistent representations) for those demographics is fairly new so having more than the standard token characters of any demographic other than the standard is “too much” or “pushing an agenda” to some people. Let’s be real, people don’t like change, and that’s just it. With almost anything you watch these days on TV or view in the media, there’s always “some” agenda by “somebody”, questioning whether there’s an agenda or not is pointless, but understanding that it’s there and what it signifies is probably a better approach.

        Even with all that said, Lee is pushing his luck though. I don’t see a problem in the form of representation, he has an agenda, sure, I don’t think that’s a bad thing in this case, but the people he chooses to represent said demographics are a little silly to me, he has a bad case of “too many cooks in the kitchen”, I honestly don’t think anyone would care if we had no idea who these people were, (like Jamal, “Dora” <<lmao, etc.) We need new talent anyway, but the show has become a circus of cameos. IMO That's one of the major problems, and the cameos that are chosen are ridiculous (Amiyah Scott).

        Who's next? Caitlyn? (Please no) *sigh*

        It's all in the execution.

  3. 😒😒😒 I think the fame and popularity is going to Lee Daniel’s head if this is true. He better cool it before he runs the well high and dry

  4. I’m sure this is just another rumor he planted on the internet, just like he claimed he was going to be added to the cast of Real Housewives.

    Why would he be one of the first casting rumors? Lol makes no sense.

    Never seen an episode of Empire and I won’t watch this either.

    1. Well I have been seeing comments from Lee Daniels on HER IG for the last few weeks so I believe it is true.

    2. If this is true, Lee does have agenda, and that is pushing the LGBT lifestyle down the audiences’ throat. It cannot be anymore obvious. We already have Jamal right? Then we have the whole identity issue when he kissed Skye. Even earlier in the season Miss Lawrence was on there.

      1. There is no LGBT “lifestyle”It makes me sad when people talk about pushing LGBT” agenda” rather than talking about being inclusiveness and encouraging diversity.It reminds me of when racists talking about the Black agenda and engage in race baiting.Are shows like Black ish and Empire pushing the “Black Agenda”?This spin-off has one minor character who is TG.So that brings the total to less than 5 TG characters on TV.Empire has how many characters? Now how many regular cast members are LGBT ? A couple?

        OMG the sky is falling because a show has characters who are not White and heterosexual.

      2. It’ll backfire on him. He’s already shown he has issues with sustainability with Empire. Television is a whole different beast from movies.

        It’s an agenda.

      3. It is an obvious agenda. I mean no disrespect when I say this, but you will never understand this lifestyle the same as the people who live it, no matter how much you educate yourself. You think this move is about diversity? We already have Jamal, the lesbian female mogul, it is some gay white man on there as well, a cameo from Miss Lawrence, and now Amiyah. You do not think that is too much? The story-lines are already bad for this season. This show is going to slowly die if he does not get back to what worked in season one.

      4. @The Man There are many of lifestyles in the LGBT community just like there are many lifestyles in the Black community.That’s what a mean when I say there is no one LGBT lifestyle.I just had dinner with a married gay couple in their forties with two kids.Their lifestyle is nothing like yours as a single person.There is no LGBT lifestyle.

        No I don’t think five LGBT characters is too much.I would be offended if someone said having five black characters on Scandal is ” too much” .I feel the same way about someone saying having five LGBT characters is too much.

  5. I think Empire has to try to avoid the “Twin Peaks” Syndrome before working on a spinoff.

    I have nothing against Amiyah but Lee knows he’s really pushing it right here.

    Let’s see if the pilot gets greenlit first.

    1. Reading more into it, Amiyah doesn’t seem to have a major role, so if the transgender thing isn’t emphasized on the show, it shouldn’t spark backlash.

    2. ^the original show has die hard fans complaining.
      you would think he would build this empire,
      before embarking on another so soon.

      “the walking dead” didn’t get its spinoff until like 5 seasons in.
      you gotta prepare for a good spin off.
      it seems too rushed and too soon.

      1. I think Fox is gonna see how the the ratings will conclude for the rest of the season before production moves forward. It’s just preliminary stuff right now.

      2. ^The rating are still decent, but I don’t think their is going to be high anticipation from its hiatus though. Lee and Co. will have to work to gain back and maintain viewers this time around.

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