Don’t Even Think of Eatin Drake’s Groceries

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 10.15.20 AMyou know i love me some champagne papi.
that is.
well for someone who is always so careful about his business,
he sure messes with some mouthy whores.
ones who reveal their active careers in prostitution,
as well as a nice dick report from drake.
an f-bi sent me these screen shots from a vixen who messed with drake.
they put all his alleged business out there in dm land.
now the conversation is a little confusing,
but you’ll get the gist as you read…

Megan-Fox-gif-megan-fox-26069209-500-225so i’ve learned:

  • papi is not stingy with the funds
  • papi ain’t about that “eatin’ groceries” life
  • papi is not gay
  • papi has some good pipe
  • papi likes to eat the box
  • papi goes through a pack of condoms
  • papi has no issue giving it to you raw
  • papi doesn’t discriminate
  • big or small, papi likes it all
  • papi like black vixens

…did i miss anything?

oh the fact she didn’t ask for more money because she had a gut.
well he wanted to fuck you regardless soooooooo…
a confident hoe would have been doing backflips on that pipe,
gut or no gut.
there were also three drops of alleged dm conversations with drake:

l4iqDLS DIAjdlO XJEsE4x “thats sweet”?
smiley face?
megan2thats how you know a wolf ain’t interested in nothing more than sex.
you texting essays and he replies either:

a) real short; one word answers
b) a damn emoji

meganonce you start seeing that,
just start sexting or leave the pineapple alone.
he just wants the box and doesn’t want to lead you on.
or you boring.
this was an interesting read tho.
i also know a vixen who messed with drake.
she been trying to chill with me.
i’ll hit her up for lunch soon.
if i had a vagina tho,
shiiiiiidddddddddd i would be campaigning for some papi too.
i could do with some extra funds right about now.#dontjudgeme

lowkey: i’m more impressed drake doing all this pipin’ and no cubs.
kudos papi!

if you have a juicy drop,
with receipts and transcripts
don’t hesitate to: x CONTACT

15 thoughts on “Don’t Even Think of Eatin Drake’s Groceries

  1. Something tells me that Papi had a hard time getting women before making it big. In my opinion I always felt as if he was overcompensating for something because of his personality and music.

  2. What I don’t understand is which prostitute is worth $5000 a pop? I could see if maybe, like my hero Pierre, you were paying to turn out straight trade. But, Drake must have all kinds of grade A pussy thrown at him for free all the time. He obviously didn’t buy discretion with the money. Is there really a difference between $1k pussy, $5k pussy and ostensibly free pussy that is making a at for wifey status?

    1. @Jay…I’d like to know that as well!!! If I shell out $5K…we gonna be spending more than an hour/night together!! I’m getting AT LEAST a week outta yo ass! LMAO
      I probably would do some devious shyt like see how much it would take for a supposedly straight dude to mess around with me…but that’s about it. I wouldn’t be dishing out money to tricks like that left and right! Nah…I worked too hard for my dough. LOL
      He and James Harden need help! They spend all that money on hoes/prostitutes/strippers when I’m sure there are women that will give it to them for free.

  3. but all of these things they are saying he’s either mentioned doing in his music or it’s been said about him years ago…everything about his dick and head game was said awhile back from that chick on bad girls club who said he was good in bed and that they never used condoms…and im not surprised he’s a wealthy rapper with millions it’s nothing to spend 5k on a thot who would give it up raw simply because he’s Drake…i wonder did they have a medical diagnosis from all of these chicks he’s been fucking…2015 diseases are real folks better strap up even on a lot of the amateur gay porns these days everyone and their mom is fucking raw smh…Drake is a rich hoe lol

  4. That is some juicy bullshit. Drake sure does love his hookers and their pussies but damn he should make them sign a confidential, but then again nah because I need stories like these in my life. But raw tho? I wonder if he has a child.

  5. Ewww! Ya’ll can have him. Dude does NADA for me. He reminds me of some kids I went to school with who were corny as hell, got familiar/friendly with a few of the “cool kids” and all of a sudden everyone was lovin’ them. That’s what he and DJ Khaled remind me of…wannabes. LOL
    He great artistically, but his private life, if you wanna call it that, is a mess. Fuckin all these chicks all over the place..that’s not cool or safe! Granted that’s many a man’s fantasy…but it’s reckless and dangerous. These chicks today are no joke, and the shyt they will do to grab an entertainer/athlete is disturbing.
    I am surprised that he has no kids with all this raw fucking I hear he likes to do…or any diseases for that matter! LOL

    1. Well, in the words of The Game, a*k*a Meatprint Papi, you wouldn’t get far fucking rap stars. This celebrity obsession is for the canaries, chickenheads, and pigeons.

      I get it, it’s about the money and the opportunity for a come-up. It’s shameless at its best and it is annoying! I really don’t know what most regular people see in these male rappers and r&b singers eye candy (Drake, The Game, Jidenna, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Usher).

      I like Drake, but when other people like him and are obsessed with him, I get turned off. It’s sad how people will do anything for fame and fortune and the opportunity to rub elbows with their favs or in this case, rub bodies together.

      1. I saw Trey Songz up close live performing and he is so attractive. I saw everything in him lol

  6. I never found drake sexy until he put on the weight and started growing out his facial hair. Now it’s like he’s a totally different person.

    this convo is nothing but pure juice at its best, and I’m loving it. I heared a story that years ago he invited some strippers back to his spot only to play them some music. They were so pissed thinking it was about to be a huge payday 😂😂😂

  7. Well, then. Damn these females be winning. He buying houses, dropping cash, and sexing good; that’s a winner. Curve game strong. Lol.

  8. I don’t know what to say about this! On the one hand, I love Papi. On the other hand, I feel like he is making reckless choices. He is always caught out there with some woman and it’s like, has he never heard of NDA agreements? And I’m gaging at the woman who was scared to ask Papi for more money because she had a gut/fupa. Like, ma, come on. That’s the first thing Papi saw and he still chose you, so you better stop hustling backwards.

    1. IDK about that….

      He got no dick pics, no STDs (or rumors), no kids, All these hoes say they be with him but no real proof… he seem to be on the up and up to me.

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