So Preston Adams Has His Agent Catfishing The Cootie Cat For Him?

CALLMYAGENTain’t nothing worse than a cat fish.
ain’t nothing worse than a catfish who pretending to have it “like that”.
everyone meet preston adams.
he is allegedly an ex-denver nuggets player.
i remember him from dating erica mena from l&hhny a couple months ago.

( x i also remember him from this video too )

erica had him all over her instagram.
like so:
10ymlfti was reading baller alert today where it says this one is allegedly using a fake agent to pick up vixens online.
check to see the email his alleged “agent” sent to vixen nikki nicole

ScreenShot20130904at3.41.25PMTo whom it may concern,

My name is Blade Joan and I am an agent with Wasserman Media group. I represent all types of professional athletes in both NBA, NFL, and MLB. One of my clients Preston Adams is a high profile basketball player overseas and would like to get to know your client while he is on his off season. I believe you came across his eye on instagram and he just was interested in meeting and getting to know you. We are not trying to use or come off as if you are some type of escort but he is very meticulous about who he has in his company.He did not want to insult you in any type of way but it is to my understanding he came across your page a couple days ago and that is when the request was made to me.

 His Instagram is @prest3 so you can follow this if you need to verify that this request is legit. He realizes that time is precious so that is why he went the professional route and also wants to say he would be more than happy to compensate you any way if you have to miss work or anything so that he would be able to fly you out. Money is really NO object he is just adamant about getting to know you. He has been doing a lot of traveling while on break. He gas started workouts in Atlanta already but he frequents LA and other places and would love to meet you some how. As said he is currently training in Atlanta but If you are interested please contact me back immediately. If this is something you don’t do we sincerely apologize and their was no disrespect intended. If you are interested as I said previously he is a very high profile athlete even though he might not be a total household name but still very well known and respected. He has played most of his career in Europe, but has done NBA stuff back and forth. A little about me, I personally work for Wasserman Media group which is an sports management company. I also own my own law firm as well in Indiana. I have known Preston and his family since 8th grade which is when I started representing his cousin Tracy McGrady who is a former NBA player. Preston is a first class gentlemen and is highly respected he also comes from a highly respected family. If I am not mistaken I believe he has seen you in person or just came across your page on instagram and he then insisted that he had to meet you but He relayed to me that he would like to get to know and thought you were very attractive. He is a brand same as you and has a very tight circle. His instagram is @prest3 and twitter is prest3 as well to verify who he is.

 He usually goes out of town with one of his good friends along with his personal security detail. So safety is something you won’t have to worry about. When they go out of town to LA they usually just hang out shop and go out on the town. I do not do this for any other clients I only did it for Preston because he said he was very interested in getting to know you. I would not put my name nor my company on the line if I didn’t not know Preston was a good kid. He graduated college two years ago played his first season in turkey. He then played in Spain and followed that up by doing NBA stuff with the Sacramento Kings and the Atlanta Hawks. He has had a very successful career so far on and off the court. He is very business minded, but with that being said he is 25 and I have to watch his spending sometimes if you know what I mean being that he is 25. He will be doing all NBA stuff this year and looks like we will have a commitment from a couple of teams, so he is trying to have as much fun as possible now rather because summer time is going to be mostly work.He has a armed security detail and runs with a small circle, so you will be extremely safe and comfortable as I said before. Thank you for your time I hope to hear from you soon.

1a56sblade joan?

even the name sounds fake.
now the wasserman media group exists,
but “blade joan” isn’t even on google.
why is his “agent” going and getting the coochie for him?
what happened to leaving your number in someone’s past picture from 120 weeks ago?
real ballers aren’t as passive aggressive like that.
they will find ways to get the cootie cat/booty/pipe/whatever.

tumblr_mhxkhbezmB1r42k59o1_500trust and believe that.
ya’ll know how many dudes are doing this kinda cat fishin’ these days?
they be intricate with it too.
back in the day tho,
oh yeah,
you could play these kind of games.
going forward: google search should be your personal assistant.
there is even an app for it you can speak into like siri.

x get the app like so on iphone
x get the app like so on android

but hey!
if preston was catching and beatin up new cootie cat,
why hate?
these vixens will open up their bargain basement if they can smell a new bag and shoes.

lowkey: whats crazy is preston adams hasn’t play basketball since…

x what’s this?

judging from his instagram tho,
he “got it like that”.
high end escort?
btw this is all alleged.
you know how that go.

x go and read baller alert for more on preston adams

3 thoughts on “So Preston Adams Has His Agent Catfishing The Cootie Cat For Him?

  1. yea google has me like a mini CIA when ever friends want a background check, i always start in google lol.

    1. ^anytime anyone tells you they style for someone,
      work with someone,
      has invites here because of someone,
      knows some big time celeb,
      does this,
      and that…


      i learned that being in the industry.
      real people who work in the industry don’t name drop.
      name dropping is for commoners and people who want attention.
      plus if you work for the person you name dropping,
      your ass will be fired.

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