so guess who is gonna be on tmz again?

this fox,
right here.

last weekend,
i was going through my emails and saw i had a email from “tmz“.
i thought it was an email to the link to the episode i was on.

They asked me to come back to another segment

i hit the FLOOR.
so i set the date for friday and took a day off from work.
my topic was going to be about nicki minaj.
we legit just fonted about her nonsense last night.
well i was all so ready to surprise the foxhole with the video today…

…but due to some changes on their end,
it fell through for today.

i know!
i know!

…BUT the good news is:

They’ll set another date for me to be on soon

i’m not upset about it at all.

I got to take a much needed personal day from work
TMZ called me back to do another segment

those are blessings all in itself.

Author: jamari fox

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30 thoughts on “so guess who is gonna be on tmz again?”

  1. Go head Black man!!!!!!!!

    And make no mistake, they watching your EVERY move. Best believe they reading this blog.

  2. I always watch TMZ Live and I can’t recall ever seeing the same person (non celebrity) make a return appearance unless they were a part of a news story.
    Congrats ❤

    1. ^which i found very interesting!
      i’m truly grateful for the opportunity.
      i was telling someone that it took me 10 years to get to this point.
      literally a whole decade of setting up my foundation for these opportunities.
      i feel more confident to pursue my dreams than i ever have these days.

      the time is def now.
      thank you YC.

  3. This is amazing. So very happy ,proud and excited Jamari. Its good to see talent such as yours included in the narrative (Smile)

    TMZ is one of my Favorites!!!

  4. Good lord, something tells me you are inching closer to fame! J, The entertainment industry is calling you and I can’t wait to see you hosting shows like ET. keep that resume going…

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