So 1,000 Squats on Deck For Tonight, Eh?

You say Part 1
You ready for Part 2?


Thanks to the talents of STAYREADYRED, Tyson Gay, and his Wolf Tail for these great videos.
More of these to…. cum?


6 thoughts on “So 1,000 Squats on Deck For Tonight, Eh?

  1. Hey he looks like big-sean … and got some nice ass, he cant even walk normal , and LMAO his sure name is GAY? hahahahaha bet he have been into some hard time during school years lol

  2. Tyson is well aware of his legions of ass admirers. He freely addesses them on Twitter and also makes comments about it as well. He is a good sport like that.

  3. Pause the video between 3:41 and 3:42.

    Tyson has some competition with whoever that is that he’s huggin’ lol

    But i think it’s his lack of size in his upper portion (slim in the waist) that really puts emphasis on his lower (fat in the ass) half.

  4. Oh, I’m sure he knows. I’m thinking as long as no one gets out of pocket, he just goes with it…I mean do you see that ass? What else is he gonna do? lol

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