Sitting In A Tree…


I love him…

I am really starting to like these two together.

I feel something genuine when I see them.
+ it helps that he is claiming her HARD BODY.

they are two ballers (singing + nba money) and trying to build.

Go Mo!
Go Shannon!

One day,
I will find what I am looking for…
…as will all my other Foxes and Wolves will too.
I am affirming that today.


Stay positive.

Later Foxes.

5 thoughts on “Sitting In A Tree…

      1. Chris(tina) gets the chop because he’s a monster. She’s a cute girl, i can’t say that she isnt, but i don’t entertain her.

        Shannon may have the yellow boyish thing going on but but head to head with Chris(tina) and he wins hands down.

        1. Rotflmao!!! I am crying laughing at “she’s a cute girl but I don’t entertain her.” I thought you were talking about Rihanna… And then I got it.

          Shannon is a MAN. Nuff said. Chris is still a little boy. He has a lot of growing to do.

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