the foxhole kept the scandal of pastor dwayne dawkins trending for weeks.
( x his story cums from this entry )
ya’ll still have him on the sidebar as one of the top stories.
a few foxholers sent me an update about this story.
he released a statement for his congregation’s review.
these are the screenshots from his alleged facebook…

he asked that we donate to help his family from his sins:

judging from his words,
he seems genuine and sorry for getting exposed the way he did.
this line stood out to me:

“Prior to meeting her,
I never voiced my private struggles.”

growing up in various church backgrounds,
i have heard similar from many males in various congregations.
they all looked like how dwayne came off with his wife:

they were all gay or bi,
still messing with other males while in relationships with vixens,
but needing to repent for their sins every sundays.
i’ve seen it in person on countless occasions.
don’t even get me started on the hookups at church conventions.
the straights in church are even worst with their hoing and illegal activities.
do you know what i think the problem is?

People take the Bible way too seriously.

they become obsessed and can’t live up to that level of perfectionism.
my family members are obsessed with paradise via jehovah’s witnesses.
it seems to do more harm than good for all of these people tbh.
my question is:

What happens next once you are let into heaven?

does your lust for the same sex stop once you get accepted?
what happens when you fuck another male in heaven?
i doubt God will allow that to fly come sunday.

at this point in my life,
i’ve told my God:

I’m not perfect
I love males
I love and respect my God for all that he has done for me

I don’t care about anything else

i just don’t care.
whatever is to happen will happen when the rapture goes down.
i hope pastor dwayne dawkins will find his truth and be able to live it.
life is too short to be unhappy while living a lie.
no cap:

He looked happy when he was getting his soul sucked out by that fox.

lowkey: he apologized and repented.
what more do people want from him?
to be stoned at midnight?

screencaps from: here


  1. My issue is with anyone having sex out of your normal surroundings, you are to ALWAYS assume you are being taped! And if you are and the occasion will cost you your reputation, WEAR A DAMN MASK!!!!

  2. The part that stood out to me was,”Earlier in our marriage an indiscretion of the same nature was exposed…” He discussed/shared it with his wife,family,church leaders.I guess they all got together and tried to “pray the gay away”.

    I wonder what “tools” he was given to work through his “challenges”? And what’s happening now, is she going to stay in this marriage? Because in all likelihood he will cheat again.I hope she realizes she deserves better.I feel bad for the kids.The whole situation is sad.

    “If you don’t live in truth you will die in your lie”.

  3. Have y’all been seeing all this fuss to get Black women to date bisexual men on social media? I’m curious what your thoughts are

    I feel like people fail to understand Black women have the fastest growing new hiv cases due to DL men

    The issue is this community is very tricky we were forced to hide ourselves early on many millennials began as bi or dl before coming out

    And my fear is when you have unprotected sex with sex workers as this pastor did and then you lie to your wife (you can see he mentioned she got tested) that’s the most disgusting part

    Scientifically anal sex is riskier due to the fact the anus is easier to tear . Someone can take a rough shit or wipe too hard and have tiny anal tears which makes transmission dangerous

    You proudly were filmed and let that boy say “go home to your wife” and it turned you on so much you nutted when he said it… that makes my stomach literally boil you have sons and you disgrace their mother like this? It’s the same as having raw sex with a street walker and then going home fucking their mother

    I couldn’t forgive him he made his entire family a laughing stock no telling how many times he’s done this before

  4. I might come off as harsh, but my thing is he told his wife of his “struggles” and still went in front of his congregation and talked about the sins of homosexuality.
    I’m sure other men in the church felt like shit, hearing their pastor tell them how nasty and sinful they were.
    While they were dealing in private with their “struggles” too.
    He could have preach any other thing from the Bible, but did he…No!
    So save me the “apologies and remorse”

    He did those videos face all clear and no mask to hide his identity while busting a RAW nut in that boy’s ass.
    It was no hidden camera recording him.
    I guess he thought the boy who he was fucking, would keep the video of them fucking “private” hmmm…Nope!

    At the end of the day it’s between him and God.

  5. What a pity. He told his wife of his “struggles” with his sexuality and he got caught (what ever that means) by his wife earlier. Now, he and his wife have three children and it’s hard for him to get a job paying as much as that apparently cushy job as a minister that he resigned from due to being caught on “Candid Camera” earlier this year.

    He’s sexually attracted to men and he can’t pray it away. Will he and his wife divorce? Will he choose honesty and happiness? How many more times will he be caught if not on “Candid Camera” but at least having a candid sexual encounter with a man? Stay tuned for the rest of the story!

  6. I swear, church folk stray further away from their preachings than those of us that don’t even attend or are just spiritual lol. At some point one would think its time to step away from your wife… I am not going to lie, if my significant other was open and honest about his struggles with his identity which is clearly not with me and with another man, then a serious talk would need to be had and let him TF go. If these are the type of people you have out her recording your indiscretions knowing your positions, I can’t trust your decision making skills.

  7. It is the au-damn-dacity to ask for money for the wrongdoing that he did to his wife and kids for me. He better ask that bottom he was with for some money. No mam!!

      1. She needs to let his bussy-loving self go. Because whatever money she collects (and she WILL get money from simple-minded Christians out of sympathy), it will be their money.

    1. If the wife has any self respect she would leave his ass and learn how to co parent amicably. Dwayne needs to go be with his males and live his life in truth and freedom. He can be a gay minister but he needs to really hear from God on that. That’s nice he publicly apologized to all this mess may have affected but I needed him to own his sexuality and take back his pride. You did that so own it instead of acting like it was some horrible mistake when your grown ass enjoyed it and definitely busted a few nuts off it. Those men pleased you and stimulated you so put some respect on them and their skills. That’s all!

  8. Religion is trash. There I said it. It’s merely a way for the wealthy & powerful to control & manipulate people (I know I was involved for 30 years). It causes people to deny their true selves & so this kind of f’ed up shit happens so that people have to get out their real passions on the downlow. Religion has persecuted & kept down the LGBTQ community for centuries in the name of god. I wish they’d all just go away.

    Unfortunately Dawkins will do the dirty w/a dude or two again I’m sure since this is the 2nd time he was found out. But who knows how many times he’s really done it w/o getting caught. I’m sure it’s been many. He needs to free himself of his church & his wife & just be out w/his sexuality.

    1. Yeah…I grew up in the black church. Don’t go there now…My relationship with God is solid as far as I’m concerned. Don’t need the hypocrisy nor the bullshit. It’s all just a joke to me now…especially when I see stuff like this. I get a good laugh 🤣🤣🤣

    2. There is a difference between “Religion” and “Relationship”. That is where people regardless of sexual orientation, sex, gender, faith, race, ethnicity, or economic status get it wrong. Just because you are religious does not mean you have a relationship with God or truly know HIm. I know some “hoes” who could lay hands and heal the sick quicker than some “holy” bishops. The Holy Spirit will use whomever God desires. Look into the lineage of Jesus; there are some prostitutes, liars, cheaters, villains, etc. I believe it was done purposefully so that the world could see that ALL have fallen short and ALL have access to Him–not just the “clean”, “good”, “holy” people. I’ve grown up in the church, had close family members who are/were pastors, have the gift of discernment accompanied by the prophetic with the manifestation of events, got saved at the age of 8 and knew what the seriousness of my commitment meant, and can still attest to the struggle as well. However, like Jamari, I have voiced the same things to God. He knew what each and every one of us would be like. He knew what our desires would be. He knew what our trials would look like. And despite it all still saw fit for us to be born and have life. He also knew that even in the midst of it all He would STILL love and embrace us just as we are. God doesn’t want perfect actions, He wants perfect hearts. We are all going to mess up EVERY day! Just because another person doesn’t love how I do, does not mean their sins are less offensive to God. Just like disease is disease, sin is sin. Doctors don’t say “oh you have a little bit of type 1 diabetes”–no girl, they say “you’ve got diabetes, change your diet, take the insulin”. The same is true in the eyes of God, He doesn’t say “Oh you have a little bit of cheating sin, or a little bit of lying sin, or a little bit of heterosexual fornication sin”–No! “You’ve sinned, Get it right with me!” Let that man be. He’s been trying to work on living his life in the way he desires and it’s a process. Unlike many in the church, he did not deny who he was and what he liked. He may not have initially shared what he was struggling with, but from what he’s stating he was honest about it when he did go down a path he didn’t desire for himself. His wife and family loved and supported him through it and I believe they will continue to do so. I can respect that more than a down low COGIC bishop or pastor who continues to lie to himself and others about who he is and what he desires.

      1. Great points but we cannot forget the “go and sin no more” part. Christ never said “come as you are and stay as you are”.

        One can decide to go ahead and live in sin but that is not what The Word of GOD teaches. Just keeping it real.

        That’s more of the “do what thou wilt” Aleister Crowley doctrine than what the Word of GOD teaches. Let’s not conflate them.

    3. While I’m not condoning wats been done I will say no one is perfect he who has no sin on earth should be in heaven the great Bob Marley says in a song “and if night should turn to day a lot of people would run away who tha cap fit let dem wear it”if there was more love in the world it would cover the multitude of sin thank God for being extending his mercies for all of us especially those who’s has no sin I pray that tge lord will help mr Dawkins and family in Jesus name

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