P.O.W | The Personal Trainer Wolf Friend

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 7.11.54 PMcan we talk about the friend?
holy bouncing headboards batman!
inside voice.

so he goes by psycho the trainer.
he is also straight so don’t get any ideas.
anyway he also has his own company called,
“mindworx fitness”.
look can we cut the jibba jabba and talk about how he looks tho…

tumblr_mnsjudt3iu1qb4p3ko1_250i demand you get out my head this instant!
i am a little sketchy on people who call themselves “psycho” tho.
i almost feel like thats a warning about all the crazy.
it maybe cute at first until he is at your door with a chainsaw covered in cat’s blood.
regardless of what he names himself,
and how “gatdamn! gatdamn! gatdamn!” he is,
its good to see black wolves out there with their own legit businesses.
like a real business and not some,
“let me send you a meal plan” type of foolishness.
its an inspiration to all of us to go out there and go after what we want.
my tail goes up to him.
get out of my head please.

picture courtesy | follow psycho at his instagram: here
go to his website for more on his services: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “P.O.W | The Personal Trainer Wolf Friend”

  1. Well I’m getting ideas, nasty ones, but I respect that he is straight, so I’ll keep them to myself lol.

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